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Hey guys

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! In order to celebrate this very special day we shouldn't leave out our favorite eommas that always take good care of our favorite groups.

Exo's Suho:

From the start Suho has always been concerned with his kids. Through thick and thin he's there to cheer up his kids. Being a single rich mom has its perks.

Got7's Junior:

We all recognize that Jr. Takes care of the members. Giving them money for snacks and fixing their clothes and even making them sit on his lap. Our eomma Jr. does it all.

ikon's Bobby:

Sharing so much love between members shows how he's there for and take care of thr members.

Girls Day Seojin:

Although she's said that her kiddos annoy her sometimes Seojin is always ready to love and protect the girls.

Seventeen's Jeonghan:

Despite his long hair and silly attitude. Jeonghan never fails to show his concern with the other members and often helps them smile.

BTS' Jin :

Lately our famous eomma Jin We all know him for his broad shoulders, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of BTS' members. Out eomma Jin never fails to protect his kids and even make fun of them from time to time.
There you have it guys! A few of our loving eommas.

Spread the love to your own eommas and have fun with them on their day!

Jin!! and Hakyeon of course :3
Suho, Jin, and Hakyeon are my faves. Like the picture of Suho you showed there, he was just acting all silly, waving the flags around looking at Kai? (I think it was), and Kai just shook his head like "No, please staph..." XD Anyways, on another note, those three are my favorite kpop eomma's. Even though Kris is gone, he will always be the appa for EXO regardless in my opinion. Then you have the cool appas, like Namjoon and Taekwoon to counteract Seokjin and Hakyeon X3
1. JUNIOR!!! 2. JIN!!! 3. BOBBY!!!
No N eomma?
Jin Jr & Suho!
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