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Ever since I saw 'Civil War' this weekend, I've been on a bit of a Spider-Man kick.

Who else saw the movie? Wasn't Peter Parker super cute?

(Well, until he shoots out spider babies when you swat at him. Gross. Kill him with fire.)

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Just saw it, and I loved Spiderman! And Ant Man, for that matter, love my bug boys!
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@JimTurpen I feel like I haven't seen enough of this Spider-Man to be able to compare them. I think they're both good, but I really liked how this one was written. Super geeky lol.
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@OtakuDemon10 OMG THE ONE PART WITH ANT-MAN WAS HILARIOUS. I can't say which one it is though because spoilers, but THE PART. THE PART THAT WAS UNEXPECTED.
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those kids are butthole babies
2 years ago·Reply
@YourConscience Oh Jeebus.
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