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hi, everyone, i'm in need of assistance. my senior prom is this Thursday my dad is DJing my send off and he asks for a song for me to walk out on. I need some recommendations for any song that you can think of. it can one song or a whole list. then I'm going to make another card with the songs that I like the most so that you all can vote for it. the song with the most votes will be my walk out song for my senior prom.
My Ultimate Kpop Fam:
Taeyeons "I". Hihi
@drummergirl691 snsd tvxq seventeen Big Bang 2ne1 infinite red velvet f(x) suju
The first one that popped up for me was BTS's "Graduation Song," "Dope" (Just a warning, I'm BTS trash.) Um... Is there a certain message you want to send with the song? I know you'll probably be the only one who'll even know what the song will be about. Which fandoms are you in?
@Defy24601 it doesn't matter. thank you
@Defy24601 I'm not sure. like all day today I was trying to figure out what song would suit me best but I​ could choose the right one. so that's why I'm asking everyone on vingle
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