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K-Beauty How To: IOI Dream Girls!

If you're looking to change up your make up for Spring, look no further than the colorful styles come out right now in the Kpop world!

YouTuber Beckii will walk you through the glittery cheeks and loose braids you can see in IOI's debut music video Dream Girls :)

I've already talked about how I like the glitter eyebrows but don't think I'd ever wear them in real life.

Glitter cheeks on the other hand seem like something I'd DEFINITELY do!

What do you guys think?

When I took ballet class I used to wear glitter on my cheeks during performances! I'm not sure if I would wear them again at this age. Although, it's super cute!
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Love it~ but I don't think I could pull that off lol
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Never would have thought I'd see Beckii doing an IOI look, lol! Glad she picked Mina, though <3 Mina's look is my favorite, too!
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Not really my style but I might try it out for the fun of it in the future. I'm not really a big fan of makeup but who knows I might want to try it out cx
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