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Today is I.M Sunday and it is also Mother's day in the United States, so why not dedicate this card to son I.M and eomma Kihyun interactions.

Momma Kihyun Carrying His Youngest Son.

What a great mom! ^^

I.M learning and admiring from his eomma.

Son & Mom Secrets.

Son helping his Mom up.

Aww, mom's little

That moment when mom embarrasses you in public or around others.

Maknae showing his Eomma of his wonderful talent of balancing a leaf on his shoe.

Selfies with Mom.

Mom taking selfie with son.

Teaching your son about growing a mustache even though your the mom of the family lol jk

Son Like Mom.

Massages from Mom.

Hope you guys had a great Mother's Day and cherish your mothers because it sure is a blessing to have a mother in your life!

Aaah! Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there! :D

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@IsoldaPazo thank you ^^
2 years agoReply
They sure are 馃槉 @VatcheeAfandi99
2 years agoReply
oh but now I want to ship them
2 years agoReply
Hahaha ikr 馃槣 @PrettieeEmm
2 years agoReply
Ahhhhhhh so cute!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!! I just wanna hug both of them and never let go!!!! 馃槅
2 years agoReply