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Photographer Michael Shainblum "Who honestly needs to watch trashy television programs or garbage commercials and advertisements, when right out our doorsteps are some of the most incredible viewing experiences, (I'm not just talking about the Milky Way.) There is so much to see in our world. Get out there and explore your national parks and wildlife areas and see what interesting things you can find! EXIF: 30 SEC F/2.8 ISO3200 Canon 5D3 Rokinon 14mm Please share this image and visit: [http://www.shainblumphoto.com] for more :)"
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@MasriDaniela No, thank you, sis. Glad you like!
5 years ago·Reply
I miss living in the countryside :(
5 years ago·Reply
@BlackMage Aw, did you live in a place where you could see lots of stars?
5 years ago·Reply
@YinofYang when i was younger, the closest neighbor was a little less than a mile away, and no tall building whatsoever.
5 years ago·Reply
@BlackMage Oh, wow. That's awesome. I can see why you miss living in the countryside. All the astronomy pics I post are a deep yearning to see stars like that. (^_^)
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