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During the BTS ON STAGE : EPILOGUE concert Min Yoongi scanned the crowd for his parents and after fining them he bowed towards them, he then started to cry for a while as Jimin comforted him. This is truly touching.
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I'm glad he's able to let it out like that but I was expecting him to go down slowly but the way he just dropped and stayed down completely broke me I love them all so much this killed me😭😭😭
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Yoongi shows in this how much of a true man he is... Min Yoongi is a man, a true man... Many pale in comparison...
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omg he like makes eye contact with them and just loses it ughhhhh
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i cried so bad. my heart just broke. i want to give him the biggest hug whenever i meet him. im so happy that his parents went to the concert.
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these guys are just so beautiful and magnificent, and their parents should be proud of them. They are breaking down barriers and creating a new wave that may even exceed their predecessors Big Bang. Congratulations guys
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