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During the warmer weather I hardly blow dry my hair. I try to not create more humid and static by running heat on my hair. However, if I'm in a rush, blow drying the hair is the quickest method to get me out the door. There's a trick to minimize static!

That is the cold-shot button.

Most of us are confused why there is such button but here is why. Hot air dries your hair faster and lets your form whatever style you're going for. However, cold air seals your hair, sets the style in place and cool off the heat that will cause static.
When should you use the cold air button? Once your hair is about 90% dry, switch to the cold air setting to finish the style. Note: hot air can flatten out your hair. To get more volume, lift a section of hair and aim the cool air at the roots.
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Omg! I totally didn' tknow what its for. I dont have a cool air button on my current hairdryer though, dang!!