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we are looking for people to join a new starting Fairytail rp if you would like to join just leave a comment down below with your kik and who you want to be of you could go on my page and access my Kik. The characters that are taken are God Serena(wich is me) Lucy Gajeel Sting Juvia Bisca(my gf) Levy Characters that are dead and can't be used are. natsu happy
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Sure I'll try it out @ZacharyStewart
2 years ago·Reply
@Maximus2016 what's your kik
2 years ago·Reply
Alright it's Angel_of_Darkness00 @ZacharyStewart
2 years ago·Reply
silveryakima and can I be sting
2 years ago·Reply
I want to join but I'm not sure who to be..... Could I be Levy? kik: riza071797
2 years ago·Reply