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Hey everyone! I am so so so so sorry for taking so long to update the next chapter. I've been swamped working right now. If anyone knows how a packing house works then y'all should know it is crazy work and long hours. I've been pulling 14 hour shifts in the past 2 weeks every day and now I'm pulling 10 hours the last week since the manager decided to do 2 shifts, a morning and a night shift. I was placed for the morning so every day i have been waking up at 5am to be at work by 6am and been getting out at 3:40pm. I know that would give me time to write but in all honesty, all I've been wanting to do after work is sleep. So I am so sorry for taking long to update and hope that everyone understands my situation.


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Y/N POV Today was my first day going to class. Not gonna lie,  I was excited but at the same time a little nervous. I didn't know what to expect from the school or people that went there. After a few more minutes,  I managed to get off my bed and go shower to get ready to leave. I grabbed a towel nearby,  dried myself and walked to the closet to get my uniform for school. It just had to be a skirt, I say to myself. Skirts aren't really my thing. I prefer wearing pants,  its more comfortable and my style. The shirt was white with buttons at the front. I put an undershirt since I feel like you can see my bra underneath if I don't. Finally, I finished up buttoning my shirt that I also didn't like but whatever its just for school, I can take it off when I get home. I grabbed my coat that goes over it and headed to the kitchen to eat some breakfast. It was so peaceful and quiet. I loved it,  but I sort of missed someone's company. I finished up my breakfast, fixed my stuff,  put on my coat and headed to the door for school. Being late was not my style. When I opened the door a familiar face was staring at me while his hand was up about to knock on my door. "Oh, Hey Jackson" I spoke He was looking at me up and down with his mouth wide open. I was blushing but kept my cool so he wouldn't notice. "H-Hey Y/N,  where are you going?" He says. "I'm heading to school. Today is my first day. " I say smiling "Oh I see. Well I hope you have a good day at school then" He says with a smile "Thanks,  we'll see how it goes" I say as I turned around to lock the door of my apartment. I started to walk away until I felt someone grab my arm. "Hey uh, Y/N...Do you think I can um.." I turned around to face him as he stumbled on what he wanted to say. "What is it Jackson?" He looked at me and then to the floor. "DoyouthinkIcangetyournumber" He said quickly I giggled at how cute he looked when he said it. "Sure, um,  hand me your phone" He true hiding a smile but I saw it. Once I put my info on it,  I handed him his phone back. "I gotta get going or I'll be late for class. Talk later okay?" He nodded and I was once again walking out to get to school. ~~~~~~~~~ I finally made it to school. As soon as I got inside the building, my phone buzzed. I pulled my phone out to see who it was. FROM UNKNOWN:
I couldn't help but smile at his text. Even just getting a text from him made my heart warm. I thought of what to text back but my mind was going blank. After thinking about what to respond I decided to just go with.. TO UNKNOWN:
Thinking we were done texting, I put my phone in my pocket. But then again, I felt it vibrate. The teacher wasn't here yet so I took my phone back out to check the text.
FROM UNKNOWN: Oops forgot to save his number. Contact Saved as Wang
Well that was weird. Why would he not want me to say anything.... Is he hiding something bad? Is he in some gang and trying to protect me or something... My mind was going crazy and I didn't know what to make of it. Something then came on my mind that could be a good reason as to that. It put a frown to my face and made my stomach hurt just thinking about it. He may already have a girlfriend Those words kept replaying, I totally forgot to respond back to him.
Once again, I was about to put my phone away but my phone vibrated again before I had the chance to put it in my pocket.
Even though it made me happy to be texting him, I couldn't help but wonder about the other text he sent me. All I could think of was Does he have a girlfriend? Maybe that's why he wants you to keep it a secret. "Umm, Are you okay there?" A voice suddenly snapped me out of thought. I looked up at her and said "Y-yeah, was just at thought" I said She was very beautiful. Long black curly hair. Her makeup was done so well. She wore a nice red skirt that showed off her hips along with a white flowery tank top. I was at awe. "I can tell" She said giggling She then proceeded to sit on the desk next to mine. Of all the empty desks their were, she decided to sit next to me. The class was an hour long Monday through Thursdays so It won't be that bad. The silence took over again. I wasn't much of a talker at first but once you get to know me, I talk a lot. "By the way, my name is Ariana" She spoke breaking the silence. "Mine is Y/N" I say short and simple. She looked at me smiling. She seems like a really cool girl to be around with and I do need to make friends other than Jackson so maybe it wont be that bad to get to know her better. "Nice to meet you Y/N, we should be best friends! " She said smiling excitedly "Sure, I could use a friend" I say smiling back. Well I just made a new friend...
JACKSON'S POV I wanted to go see Y/N so I got up, showered, got dressed and headed out the door. I always got nervous every time I knocked at her door. My stomach would have some kind of feelings going on.. Good feelings though, feelings I have never gotten before. I got to her door and was about to knock but she had already beat me by opening the door. A surprised face came up on my face once I saw what she was wearing. I couldn't help but look at her up and down with my mouth wide open. She was blushing, I could tell. I didn't want to make it awkward so I spoke up. "H-Hey Y/N, where are you going?" I say. Nice Jackson, way to keep your cool man. "I'm heading to school. Today is my first day. " She says smiling "Oh I see. Well I hope you have a good day at school then" I say smiling. "Thanks, we'll see how it goes" She says as she turns around to lock the door of her apartment. I wanted to ask her for her number but I was too afraid to ask her. She started to walk away which I panicked. The next thing I knew, I had grabbed her arm. Ok Jackson, here we go, you can do it. Just ask her. "Hey uh, Y/N...Do you think I can um.." Go on.... She turned around to face me which made it even more embarrassing and harder to ask her. "What is it Jackson?" She says looking at me with a curious look. I looked at her but then looked down at the floor. Then... "DoyouthinkIcangetyournumber" I said quickly. Nice going Jackson, Nice.. She giggled. But I don't blame her. I did say it fast and I knew for sure she could tell I was a nervous wreck. "Sure, um, hand me your phone" She replies I tried hiding a smile hoping she didn't see it. She then handed my phone back once she put her info. I was super happy to have Y/N number. Not gonna lie, but I really wanted to keep in touch with her and not only just going to her apartment and see her. I wanted more of her. Man, do I sound like a creep right now. But i couldn't help it. Their was just something special about her that had me wanting to protect and be close to her. "I gotta get going or I'll be late for class. Talk later okay?" She says I just nodded in response and looked at her walking away. Man, She is so much better than my ex ever was. I thought to myself smiling. I hope I never EVER see my ex Ariana again.... To Be Continued..

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