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hey everyone this year is the first time in for ever that I will be attending kcon la. but the problem is I have no one to hang out with since none of my friends have any interest in the music. so I was wondering would anyone that's also attending alone or in a group wanna hangout?
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@Helixx @LemonLassie yes an epic adventure of fangirling! :)
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do you guys know if there are concerts every night? im trying to figure out my flights and asking time off work haha
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@BrennaTran from what I researched I think it's only two nights out of the three but I'm not sure if it starts on the 29 or not.
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@priscillarios okay! that helps! Im really excited to be going, well fi gers crossed lol!
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@BrennaTran yea I'm so exited! ^鈭哵
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