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@PrincessUnicorn decided that we will have 12 days of EXO therefore I am up for the lovely challenge! and yes I know it's Kindda late but hey I had no Wi-Fi till now ALSO to let you know I'm not the best writer but hey it ok~
It was like any other day in Seoul for you. Just walking down the streets with 2 bags that were filled with snacks in hand. The only reason you did this really is for your boyfriend, Kim Jongin, AKA Kai of EXO. Of course you wore a mask over your face and had one of Jongin's snapbacks on to make sure that no one knew who you were. In all honesty the fans outside of SM didn't blink an eye at you since they thought you were just a worker since you went there everyday. You crossed the street and headed straight into the SM building with a ton of fans saying hi to you from all around. At first you were surprised that they actually let you pass but you got use to it as some time passed. You sighed as you dragged the bags with you up the stairs to the boys studio. You could hear the blasting of 'Growl' coming from the studio, which was at the other end of the hall. "They need soundproof walls" You said as you walked slowly so you can listen in on the music. "I think you would love that to much jagi" You screamed as you turned to be face to face with jongin. You even dropped the bags thanks to him. You let out a frustrated groan and hit him in the chest. "but it's true right?" You finally realised what he said in the first place and looked at him wide-eyed. "YAH! WHO SAID THAT?!" Jongin could only smirk at you as he eyed you up and down. You were wearing short shorts and a tank top only. Your cheeks were heated up by his gesture. You huffed out a breath and grabbed the 2 bags and walked to the studio, ignoring the calls of your boyfriend. You reached the door and opened it slowly and walked in. The others were dancing and singing along with the music. You gently smiled as you remembered them right before they debuted, they thought they would never make it this far. "(Y/N)!! YOU'RE HERE!" You jumped at the outburst of Chanyeols. You put the bags down and gave a small nod to Chanyeol as you looked up. "Duh~" Baekhyun said "She is her everyday for me. Right (Y/N)?" You looked at him with a fake shocked look "How did you know?" The others laughed and just shook their heads at you guys. Baekhyun walked over to you and whispered "I think someone if jealous~" He then walked to the others and started to dance once more. You looked up and there was your evidence, a sulky jongin sitting in a corner. "Serves him right for saying that earlier" You muttered. As the day went on you started to feel lonely since Jongin wasn't doing what he normally did. He would usually big you until you talked, but instead he was clung onto Kyungsoo, who sent him deathglares every second. "THATS ENOUGH JONGIN LET ME GO!" You could see Jongin hitting the ground and a Kyungsoo wiping off his sleeves. Kyungsoo looked over to you. "Get your pet away from me" He said as he left the practice room. Jongin only reached his arms out as if Kyungsoo and him were lovers in a drama, which made everyone facepalm. "Jongin~ Jongin~" You sing as you see him on the floor looking rather pathetic. You stand up and lean over him. "Why I'm I with you Kim Jongin, please remind me" "Because you love me and I'm cute? oh also sexy!" Jongin says, snapping his fingers before he added sexy to the list. You smile at him. "NE~ Because I love you. So don't worry about Kyungsoo only me okay?" "Okay! Give me your hand" "Why?" You raised up a brow "To help me get up~" You sighed and gave him your hand. You were about to pull him when he dragged you to the ground so that you were on top of him. "I love you" "I love you too" You two shares a kiss. "WHAT THE HELL NOT ON THE FLOOR! WHEN I SAID GET YOUR PET I DIDN'T MEAN THIS!!" *END*