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White jeans is my spring and summer staple. I try to avoid wearing dark colored jeans during the summer because darker color creates more heat. If you don't know dark objects absorbs more wavelengths of light which converts to heat and lighter object reflects all wavelengths of light and thus it doesn't not convert to heat. The temperature actually stays the same. Which is why you don't feel as warm if you wear a lighter top.
With that said, the only problem I have with wearing white jeans is it stains easily. Even crumbs of a chocolate chips cookie can cause stain, so I wear it with caution. Recently, I heard a lot of people raving about Old Navy's stain resistant white jeans. It's called the Mid-Rise Stay-White Rockstar Super Skinny jeans. I did some research and see if it lives up to its name and this is what I found. From that short clip you can see liquid does not absorb in the fabric.
Cosmopolitan ran a couple of test and found out the jean was able to resist cheetos stain, coke, and wine. However, hot sauce leaves a visible orange stain. Nonetheless, this was pre-washed. Once the jean is thrown into the washing machine the stain will be removed. Note: The technology of the jean will not work after 20 washes. I am not sure if each wash diminish the stain-resistant ability but I guess if it can hold up to 20 washes it's better than nothing.
So what do you think. Is it worth it to invest in a pair of stain-resistant white jean? Btw, it's around $45.
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I'm so in love with this idea, but when you put $45 and Old Navy in the same sentence, I feel myself falter a bit. If I can catch a sale though, I'll definitely try a pair