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I found this fanart by deepshowri and had to use it somehow. So here are some melancholy, unrequited love phrases. The images are somewhat graphic, so please let me know if the images offend you in anyway. Below are the Korean texts. Please feel free to utilize Google Translate to hear how they're pronounced :) 1) 왜 이렇게 나 혼자만 아파? 2) 내 전부 다 잃는다 해도 널 지켜줄거야. 3) 내 곁에 있어 줘. 4) 그 누구도 너만큼 날 웃게 만들 수 없어. 5) 사는 게 왜 이럴까? 6) 너는 다른 사람을 좋아해도 난 괜찮아 . . .
No problem^^~ Just try to do it whenever you have time. I think it will be great!
seriously why am j the only one hurting
YEAH i was thinking posting some of the korean i knw but i can't take out the time but i will still do khumawao chingu
@saharjalpari9: Would you like to practice learning Korean with me here? Why not make your own individual cards and share them here? You can learn as well as get feedback :) Maybe just make a card with one sentence that you are learning or wish to learn about. It can be from a song, a quote, or something people just say. I think it would be fun to learn with others :)
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