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The Fly concert in Shanghai was a success! there were many different things from concert in seoul... check it out! ( shanghai concert update-) first up..... Markson love
I love all ships, but I think I ship this the hardest ever! they are always so freaking cute! sometimes it seams like they are fighting lol and makes me rethink Markson, but here it is! alive and going Mark is always hanging on to Jackson like he is going to run away lol okay.. I would hang on to him that way as well! Get yo self someone that looks at you the way Mark looks at Jackson! also can I mention there was no Markson love in Seoul so I'm pretty mad about that =(
How about mom love? I love Jacksons mom, she is so sweet and proud of Jackson and Jackson can't love anyone else in this world the way he loves her. I'm extremely happy to see this because Jackson was the only one in Seoul to not have a parent there... *tears* here is what Jackson shared on Insta ...

Oh and there was also Jackson shirtles!

what the actual heck!!!! why didn't he do this in seoul? no fan service for Korea but lots for his home country??? =0 boooo!!!!!! oh well I guess I still do get to see it anyway.

Bambam with his new hair color

Celebrating Bambams birthday

Oh and look Mark still looks better than me !


I'm super happy to see them happy and succeed at making another dream come true... I still haven't showed you guys my own experience in seoul! I'm sorry since I said I would. soon ( all pictures are from instagram, I was not in Shanghai and all watermarks are kept as it was)
@Ticasensei Well, yeah, I don't care about that couple. πŸ˜› Only MARKSON!!! BECAUSE MARKSON FOREVER!!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
@TaehyungV but Bambam and Jackson are also rising a relationship ever since they changed dorms =)
Markson....Best couple ever....They give me life...Jackson is the only person I would ever share my Markiepooh with, to be honest! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚