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Welcome welcome! Our Foreign Flower has begun to blossom in a world filled with handsome kings but like nature designed, the petals must open up one by one to reveal a beautiful flower. Welcome to Seung-Ri's petal in Season 2! :3 Just in case you're new, here's Season 1! :D And just in case you're confused about what's going to happen, here's the opening link to the card to Season 2! :D If you missed SeungRi's first chapter, I gotchu ;* > Episode 1 -> Episode 2 Please re-read the episodes if you don't understand X3 Enjoy! :D *bows*
Episode 3 You toss and turn, unable to shut your mind from replaying the series of events that happened so fast earlier that night. Your eyes tear open, and you turn towards your clock and groan. <<It's barely midnight.>> Your head begins to play the scene where Seung-Ri had been pulled away into the crowd by the drunk woman. Hot tears line up behind your eyelids. You blink back the tears and sit up, "if I'm going to cry, I'm gonna cry over something well worth it, not over some stupid guy and his stupid actions and stupid stupid ughh!" You spring out of bed and head towards the kitchen, commanding your Xbox to turn on and log into Netflix for you. As the system loads, you grab a small blanket and wrap it around yourself ET style, then place the tub of ice cream in between your legs and pop it open. You scroll through the list of dramas that Netflix had to offer in Korean until you finally decide on one called Angel Eyes. Ten minutes into the drama and already you're crying and shoving spoonfuls of ice cream into your mouth. The drama plays on, you endorse yourself into its story line, mindlessly clicking on the button to let the next episode start. A familiar face appears on the television screen. It was Seung-Ri. "Pfftt, just my luck. You better not be the second lead because I don't wanna catch the feels for you!" You yell at the television and shove another spoon of ice cream into your mouth. "Well at least I'll get to appreciate his face this way instead of being creepy.... Wait. What am I saying? Ughh!" By the third episode, your face is stained with tears from the drama's plotline, and the new tears running down your cheeks doesn't help. <<This was a terrible idea. The feels are too much, even for me....>> A loud knock on your door makes you jump in your seat. You lower the volume to the television immediately and listen for a response. "Who the hell would knock on my door at this hour? It's well last 3 in the morning." Another round of knocking hits your door, making you grumble as you unwrap yourself from your ice cream tub. <<Now I'm gonna struggle to get comfortable again.>> A third wave of knocking taps on your door as you approach the door. You look through the peep hole and see a man standing with his head down and something in his hands. You squint to get better vision but ultimately give up. "Why do you look so familiar?" You say softly. The man looks up making your body crawl with goosebumps when you see Seung-Ri's face. "Yaah! Open up! I know you're awake!" Seung-Ri shouts at your door and bangs on it again. Your hands move towards the lock chain and slowly unhinge it, then drop them down to the doorknob to open the door. Seung-Ri looks at you with a sly smirk when you peak through the door.
"Hey," he breathes. "Hi." "Wanna let me in? I brought some wine," he holds up the bottle and smiles as innocently as he can. You shake your head, "I'm busy." His face falls, "what do you mean? And why are you hiding? I came all this way to see you." He slides his hand through the opening and squeezes in through the door, gasping when he sees your puffy face. "Yaah! What happened! You were much prettier when I last saw you!" You glare at him, "if you're only here to insult me then get out." He steps closer to you and lifts your chin up, "Why have you been crying?" His voice, smooth and soft like velvet cloth. You pull back from his touch and look away, fighting the anger that had been stored up inside you, to scream at him for an explanation of why he disappeared with some woman. Seung-Ri eyes you with concern but turns his head towards the television when he hears voices through the speakers. He chuckles, "Is this why you've been crying? Over some drama? Wait- this is Angel Eyes! I played Teddy in this one! Why are you crying over something like this?" "Yaah! Don't laugh! It's a good drama!" You reply, unable to hold back the tears that spill from the corners of your eyes. Seung-Ri smirks at you, "you've been crying because oppa is such a great actor huh?" "Shut up, I'm crying over the fact that you interrupted me." Seung-Ri grabs your hands and pulls you to the couch, setting the wine bottle on the coffee table by the almost empty ice cream tub, "Aishh, if you're gonna cry like a little girl, I might as well lend you my shoulder and make sure you don't get sick." <<This is so embarrassing.....>> Seung-Ri sits on the couch then pulls you down and wraps his arm around you. He grabs the blanket and wraps you in it then adjusts you accordingly so your head is resting comfortably on his extended arm. "I had fun filming this, the cast was really nice and worked hard and-" "Oppa?" "What?" "Why are you here?" He shrugs, "Do I need a reason to smell the flowers?" You open your mouth to reply but quickly close it, enjoying the fact that he had come all this way to see you. <<Wait. What if he came all this way just to get laid?>> Your head inserts random scenarios. <<Of course not, he probably just got worried because you left early and wanted to make sure you were okay....>> A small smile sprouts on your lips but quickly melts away. <<Then why did he bring wine? As an excuse? Or maybe he does just want to use me.....>> "Did you really eat all that ice cream?" Seung-Ri's voice entered your head. You look forward to the half melted leftovers then glance up to see him smiling mischievously. "If you're gonna stay here then don't judge. Or else I'll give you the boot." Seung-Ri chuckles, "it reminds me of when you devoured all those slices of pizza."’ You pull back from him, "Yaah, what did I say?" He pulls you towards himself again and adjusts himself so your head rests on part of his chest. "I'm not saying it's bad, really. That's something that I like about you, you're not afraid to be yourself under any circumstance." His chest was warm, <<Like? Just like?>> You chew on your lip to keep yourself from falling asleep. <<Aishh, this is Seung-Ri. There's no way he sees me like that. He's a playboy after all, and I'm just.... I'm just the company translator....>> Without realizing it, you find yourself crying silently, making Seung-Ri believe it was over the drama. He rubs your shoulder gently, causing your body to react with goosebumps underneath the blanket. Out of the blue, he jerks his head towards the door. “What?” you ask, internally begging him not to stop. “Did you hear that?” he asks softly. “Hear what?” He leans forward, turning his body towards the door. You kick off the blanket and turn around with him, curious to hear whatever he was hearing. He stands up, “There it is again, do you hear it?” You stand up with him, “I still don't know what-”
Seung-Ri holds his hand up to silence you. A quiet jiggling sound reaches your ear. Your eyes flicker towards the doorknob. You feel the color drain from your face as you watch it the knob slowly turn and open with a soft sound. A single man in dark clothing and a face mask peeks through the door. “Yaah! What do you think you're doing?” Seung-Ri shouts. The intruder flinches at the presence of Seung-Ri in the house. He stares at him for a split second before Seung-Ri jumps over the couch and positions himself between you and the man. You look around for something to hand Seung-Ri but only the wine bottle had caught your eye. You scoop it up and hand it to him. Seung-Ri takes it then smashes the bottom of the bottle against the wall in order to use it as a weapon with it's rough edges. The intruder backs up against the wall as Seung-Ri steps forward, wielding the broken bottle with confidence. “Get lost,” Seung-Ri hissed in a dark tone. He took a sudden step forward, making the intruder instantly slip back out the door. Seung-Ri rushed over to the door and looked outside for a few minutes, then came back in and closed the door with the lock. He stared into the peep hole for what felt like an eternity before turning his attention back to you. “Aishh,” he sighs and sets the bottle down on the kitchen counter before walking back to you and bringing you in for a tight embrace, feeling his body panting for oxygen. “Stop shaking, you're making me nervous.” “I'm n-not shaking-g.” <<Crap, I am.>> He rubs your back, “I gotta get you outta here in case they come back with more men. You're not staying here anymore” “I'm fine,” you reply in a soft voice, pushing him back. “Yaah! You could have been kidnapped and raped! Or worse- killed! I could never live with myself if that happened when I could have protected you.” “Oppa, seriously, I'm fin-” He cups your face with his hands and stares hard into your eyes, “You don't understand, I'm trying to protect you.” A tight knot lodges itself in your throat but you push through it, “Why? Why would you give a single damn about me-” “Because.... Aishh, that doesn't matter. You're NOT staying.” His eyes burned with concern, a different side of his personality was being exposed before you, making your heart palpitate with a wave of emotions. “Okay. I'll go.” your voice was soft and airy. “Go pack the essentials only, I'll come back later with the guys to get everything else. I don't want you anywhere near here after what happened.” You follow his command without protesting and quickly shove things into the largest suitcase you had available. When you finished and dragged the luggage back to the living room, you find Seung-Ri squat down, examining the key slot from the outside. He looks up and notices you standing there expressionless. He stands up and takes the suitcase out of your hands. “I feel as if these guys have been here before. There's multiple scratches on your lock, there's no way they could have picked a lock like that so smoothly without having some type of practice on it.” Chills run down your body, <<Every time I would find my door unlocked then....>> A single tear rolls down your cheek but Seung-Ri manages to wipe it away before it reached your chin. “Let's go. I don't want to see you cry over something like this.” As you get into his car, you note the sky begin to grow lighter with the Sun beginning break the night. Throughout the whole car ride, the two of you remain silent but you still catch Seung-Ri glancing over at you every few seconds through the corner of your eyes. The car comes to a stop in front of an apartment complex. He unlocks the door and hops off then hurries over to your side and opens the door for you. You climb out in silence, and wait for him to get your luggage so he can open the complex door and lead you down towards the elevator. Once in his apartment, Seung-Ri sets your things on the side and closes the door gently behind him. He sighs heavily then glances over to you. “Yaah, don't be so upset. You're fine now,” his voice was gentle. “T-thank-ks” you croak, unable to keep your voice from shaking. Seung-Ri wraps his arms around you from behind and lays his head on your shoulder. “You need to rest, to get over the state of shock you're in. C'mon,” he grabs your hand and tugs you down a small hallway. “I have a spare room but it's filled with junk. I'll clean it out while you sleep in my room for now.” He flicks on his bedroom lights and leads you over to the bed, gesturing for you to lay down. You look up at him for a second then glance down at the bed. “What about you?” You ask in a small voice. He smiles warmly, “I'm not tired, just stay here while I arrange some things.” You nod slowly and sit down on his bed for a moment then close your eyes and lie down on his pillows. Seung-Ri runs a hand through his hair, “Get some rest. If you need anything, just holler,” and with that he exits the room, closing the door behind him. You stare at the blank door, still processing everything that had happened within the last few hours but quickly find yourself feeling drowsy and passed out.
(^ My fav scene with SeungRi in Angel Eyes XD) Oooooo, you're in Panda's territory now! :o How will this alter the playing field for you and our evil maknae? ;o Tehehehe ;3 Tell me your thoughts! :D Thanks for the support thus far, because the petal is barely revealing itself! ;D See ya'll on Monday! :3 Thank you! *bows*
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*ahem* the signs have been there since season 1..... ;3
I love this! She should have told him the real reason though. I think he would have reciprocated
I love him in that drama! He was my favorite character :)
omg since when have they tried to get in 😱😱😱😱 Seungri thank god for being there
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