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CONNFFEESSSSS!!!! Who else has rolled up to a McDonald's for some after-midnight McNuggets?

24-hour fast food places are evil, delicious enablers.

I never done a midnight run but was that a happy meal in his arms?
@petname83 IT REALLY IS. I live next to a McDonalds that has a touch-screen now, and the fact I can essentially order a whole bunch of food without the judgment of someone behind a counter is dangerous lol. I'm like I'LL HAVE ALL THE THINGS, THANKS.
@danidee it's still the devil...nut it's open at 3 am....and really close by
aw... that must've been bad cause every child wants to eat it some or other time. it's a treat but I think it's not good so you must be healthy♥
yeah but sometimes when you crave it you overdo it... but you're right. I've eaten Mc'Donalds app. 5times in my entire life
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