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It's starting in 4 days and I am SO PUMPED.

You probably know about Eurovision thanks to Conchita Wurst who took the crown in 2014, but basically it is a music show that takes contestants from each country and puts them head to head!

Here's the trailer for this year:

What's my favorite thing to come out of Eurovision?


aka Irish male twin Lady Gaga.

Does anyone else watch Eurovision?!

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Duuuude ive never heard about this but im about to let this destroy my life just like kpop xD
I have no idea what this is
my friend used to watch this!! she showed me Alexander Rybak because she found him through Eurovision and I really like him. there's a lot of cool artists on the show but i dont keep up with it
Oh lord! Jedward! I'm American but I remember when they first got big after Eurovision because my family in England kept talking about them. I've followed Eurovision occasionally since.
Never heard of it before