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chapter 1 : From Pauper to Princess

intro ~~~

Kim Seokjin is the most popular boy at Blossom Heights Highschool/University.
He's the number one student in the entire school, known for his intelligence, elegance, beauty, aegyo and kindness towards others. He's been named The Prince of Blossom Hieghts, every girls ideal guy. He's made quite the reputation for himself but soon his world will be changed drastically.
One day, a girl who has always dreamed of being popular begins her first year at Blossom Heights.
It's a whole new world for Daisy Song since this Highschool/University isn't just your ordinary school. Here University and Highschool students share the entire campus. Being new Daisy is the target of many former students. The world she once knew won't ever be the same.
Are you ready to enter Blossom Heights?
Blossom Heights, A school with class and high status. Better than that dump I used to go to, I've literally worked my butt off to be here. It would've been nice to have to Blossom Heights middle school but my parents couldn't afford it. I swear when I'm older I'm not going to be poor anymore, it's disgusting. Having to share a 2 bedroom apartment with 4 people and a dog isn't a glamorous life, I hate it. I wish I was born into a rich family. Now there's something to be happy about, being rich and being high status is something I've dreamt about since I was a little girl. The glamorous life of being an heiress or even a princess is a dream come true, I'd give anything to live like that. But no, I was born into a very poor family...It's most unfortunate. Having to deal with that ugly neighborhood and those people who think it's completely normal to live in a slump like that, yuck. My parents always said that maybe I was destined to be in a royal family since the way I act and am is like I'm one of them. Personally I've never liked to dress like a poor person, I worked to buy nice, expensive and gorgeous things. Clothes, perfume, shoes, bags, jewelry you name it.
My sister on the other hand, gosh. I swear she's worse than an animal. She's fat and ugly. She's like a pig, always eating and never being able to fit into her clothes. I was ashamed of her since we were so different, the only thing she was good for was making the ugly boys go away. She's not all that bad though, I don't mind sharing a room with her but it drives me insane just looking at her. My parents are your typical extremely humble folk, they both grew up on a farm, bleh. I can't imagine living on a farm, all those animal smells and bugs. How disgusting. They dressed as if they had gotten their clothes from a hand me down store, thank goodness the neighborhood suits how they are otherwise I'd die of embarrassment. My mother isn't ugly but it pisses me off that she doesn't embrace her beauty, she's always dressed up like she's a grandma. Plus she pretty much sells rice crackers, canned goods and some other things. She stands on the side of the freeway where everyone can see her yelling the name of the products she has and taking them to the cars. My father and sister both help her but I refuse to be humiliated like that, after all I have my dignity. Why would I want to waste my time selling that stuff anyway? My father's a gardener, he pretty much works for the rich people but the payment isn't exactly much to live off of. I love my dad but wouldn't be caught dead seen with him unless he's well dressed. He's pretty much your average looking guy, wearing overalls and most of the time covered in dirt. It's so distasteful.
But now, I'm where I really belong. With the scholarships I've received and help from financial aid, I have a full ride all the way until I graduate college. It's truly a dream come true~ I'm so excited to be here! Although it's kind of overwhelming, everyone here has expensive everything. I was so astonished by the foreign cars and limos. The girls all had expensive handbags and we're all very beautiful, not that I care I'm just as beautiful or more than they are. All I wanted to do was be noticed by everyone and known all over the campus. I'm determined to become the most popular girl at Blossom Heights! Nothing and no one is going to get in my way!
I walked to the registration booth to finish my enrollment. I forged my parents signatures because God forbid they come to this place. I'd never forgive them, it's out of the question. I was pretty clear when I said visits to Blossom Heights were out of the question, if I want to be the most popular girl here I can't allow them to ruin my reputation.
"Anneyonghaseyo~ My name is Koneko and I'll be assisting you in completing your enrollment"
What kind of stupid name is that? Obviously that's her surname or nickname.
"Anneyonghaseyo. My name is Song Daisy, this is my first year at Blossom Heights" I said.
She's a lively one.
"Yeah I guess so. So what do I do?" I asked.
She explained what needed to be done. Personally I don't think it's normal for a human being to be this happy, it's weird. But she's nice I guess, she's helped me out a lot. She gave me some advice about staying away from the bad crowd or whatever, I don't know I wasn't paying much attention. Then she said something about a tour which was probably going to be helpful so I decided to go for it.
"Anything else I can help you with Daisy?" She smiled.
"No thanks" I said. "Just tell me where the tour is gonna start"
"Right over there." She pointed to the statute in the middle of an open field.
"There's a lot of people..." I said.
"Yeah, this year we've gotten 900 new students. Mostly highschool, the more the merrier don't you think?" She smiled.
No. That means it'll be more work to become noticed in HighSchool...
"I guess." I said. "Well thanks for the help."
"Sure thing. If you ever need anything here's my email, I help out all the new students so whenever you have a question just lemme know~"
As if.
"Thanks. Um, Bye Koneko" I smiled.
"Bye~ Have a good day!" She waved.
"Jin! Hey! Welcome back~ OMG it feels like it's been forever!"
I walked away and sighed.
That was a waste of time, according to the schedule though I can move into my dorm tomorrow after the 'Welcome Ceremony' apparently this is a HUGE deal and it's tradition. I just wanted this semester to start already, having to return to the slump I call home is depressing just thinking about it. I already have my things packed so I just need to leave. I walked over to the statue, there was chatter lots of it. I looked around and observed everyone. But none of them really seem like a threat to me. The girls aren't half as pretty as me and I already have the boys looking my way but I don't want to be known as a hoe so I'll keep my distance, although I could gain popularity if they all adored me...I'll keep that in mind.
"Alright everyone, get into groups of 30. A leader will soon be assigned to you"
I wasn't about to go wander off and look for a group. Let the group come to me.
"Hey, is it cool if we group with you?"
Ew. Wanna be plastics but they came to me so I suppose I can't just be rude.
"Sure." I said.
"Omg, cute bag. Is that Gucci?" One said looking at my handbag.
"Of course not stupid it's Coach, right?"
"Um, no. Look at the design. Clearly it's Louis Voton"
"It's Vuitton. Sorry about her."
They all have valley girl accents...annoying but I suppose I gotta start somewhere.
"It's from his latest collection, thanks. No need to apologize." I said.
"2015 spring collection. Lucky! I'd give my entire fortune for that bag, they're all sold old...EVERYWHERE. It was a limited edition bag too. Your parents must really spoil you huh?"
Damn, she brought up my parents.
"Actually, my parents are in France. They've sent me here until I graduate college" I said.
"But, you're Korean right?"
"Yeah, I'm Korean" I said.
"Wow, you must be like totally rich. It's not cheap to come here you know like wow. You're totes lucky, my parents are in Australia right now. I wish my family was living in France, talk about luxury"
"Yeah" I said.
"So what's your name?"
"Song Daisy" I smiled.
"Daisy, what a pretty name. I'm Marina. This is Roxy, Kiki, Hyuna and Emily."
"It's nice to meet you all. What bring you guys to Korea?" I asked.
Roxy: The hot Kpop guys
Kiki: The culture, I love Korean culture and the food.
Hyuna: Um, I was born here so...
Emily: Well, Blossom Heights has always been my first choice. I want to become a marine biologist and this school has Marine Biologist.
Marina: I'm just here cuz I mean there's no other school like this, I wanna be popular.
She's not going to get in my way.
"You aren't from here are you? Well except for Hyuna" I said.
Roxy: We're all half Korean, except Hyuna she's like full Korean.
"Ah, mixed. May I ask what race?" I asked.
Kiki: Italian
Emily: White
Marina: Puerto Rican
Roxy: Swedish
Wow. I never thought about mixed races really, it makes me seem ignorant. They're pretty too. All of them have distinct features but yet still look Korean. Marina's physique is nice, she has curves and really pretty facial features. Kiki is tall and slim, she has somewhat of an S line and her hair is a very light brown. Emily has a very sweet and innocent look to her but what really stand out about her is her eyes, they're an ice blue. Roxy had a extremely good looking physique, she wasn't too tall nor too short, her blonde hair was long, her eyes were big and bluish gray, she had a pretty big bust. It seems the Swedish side of her overpowered the Korean look. Hyuna was your average ulzzang, cutesy fashion and her makeup was ulzzang. She was slim but short, somewhat curvy and her hair was short.
"I've never met anyone like you girls. Is being from too different cultures hard?" I asked.
Marina: Not really. You get a lot of attention.
That means this will be a threat to me.
"I see" I said.
More people joined our little group and soon we had about 30.
"Anneyonghaseyo, My name's Sooyeon and I'll be your tour guide today. Welcome to Blossom Heights, follow me and please don't wander away." She smiled and began to walk. "Please follow me, we'll be getting on a bus once I show you the basic buildings where you will have your studies"
This place is HUGE. The entire campus is 4 football fields put together, well that's what Sooyeon said. This place had everything! There were 2 main buildings where students could go in and basically hang out. It was almost like a mall or an outlet, stores, cafés, restaurants, fast food...I was pretty impressed with this. She took us all over the place, they had a indoor water park, amusement park, an outdoor pool, an indoor pool, they even had a place where there was actual marine animals! This place basically was a paradise. Once all of that was out of the way, she showed us where our dorms were, we got off the bus so she could tell everyone where they'd be staying.
"Jin." She smiled. "Right on time as always"
"Haha. Well you know I'd never let you down" he smiled back
"You're a life saver" she said.
Why's this taking so long? I want to see my dorm already.
"Alright everyone, I need the boys to one side where Jin is standing and the girls over here where I am" Sooyeon said.
We did as she said.
Marina: Ohh, Hottie alert.
Kiki: He's gorgeous.
Roxy: Is he a professor?
Emily: No, I'm pretty sure he's a student here. Probably helping out.
What're they babbling about? Some guy? I looked in their direction but he had his back turned to us. I shrugged, oh well. Who cares.
"This way girls" Sooyeon said as she walked to the building on the right.
The boys I assume were going to take the bus since their building was pretty far from ours. I think I'll bring my bike along tomorrow so I don't have to wait for the transportation. We walked inside the building and I was in awe. This is like a princess castle from the inside! Chandeliers, beautiful antique decor, it was splendid! There was a beautiful fountain inside too, this place was heaven. Even the stair case was something from a princess movie, I felt like Cinderella.
Marina: This place is absolutely beautiful. Fit for a princess.
The thing is I don't want to be a princess for very long, I want to be a queen.
If this is just the main room then I can only imagine how fabulous the dorms must be.
"Alright girls, stay here. I'll be right back" Sooyeon smiled and walked outside.
Everyone was talking about this and how pretty it was. Excitement had taken over all of us.
Emily: I really hope we all get to bunk together
"Don't we each get our own rooms?" I asked.
Kiki: As if. There's no way they'd let us get a room alone, that's only for the university kids.
I wanted to rip my hair out, what the hell!! Koneko never said I'd have other girls with me! I want to be alone not sharing with a bunch of wannabe plastics.
Hyuna: Is something the matter?
"No. Not at all" I said and forced a smile.
I can't possibly be forced to share a room with these...abominations.
Sooyeon came back inside with 5 other girls. They had a clip board in hand and looked over it.
"Alright girls! When we call your name step forward, we'll start here with Suzy."
"Anneyonghaseyo Suzy-imnida. Please stand beside me when I call your name" she smiled.
She began calling names and I prayed that these girls would disperse from me. I need girls who are easily manipulated I can't do that with them.
The first group of girls went with Suzy. I sighed, damn.
"Anneyonghaseyo, I'm Rin. Please stand gather in front of me when I call your name" she said.
Once again I hoped that these girls would leave but once again none of them left.
"Anneyonghaseyo~ Koneko-imnida~ please gather in front of me when I call your name."
I looked over. Ugh, please don't tell me SHE's going to be-
"Song Daisy, Park Marina, Lee Roxy, Kang Emily, Im Kiki, Bang Hyuna and Pyo Kaija"
We all stepped forward. Perfect there's a nerd among us and wannabe plastics perfect.
"Alrighty girls come with me~ I'll be showing you to your dorms" she walked over to the stairs. "You girls are in the sweetheart wing. You'll love it there it's totally Kyeopta!"
Marina: Is it normal to be that cheerful?
Emily: I think she's cute. Very lively.
Roxy: Yeah, she's super nice.
Hyuna: She's a university student.
"How do you know?" I asked.
Hyuna: My brother's best friend has a huge crush on her, she's popular. Not in a vain way but everyone likes being around her because she's so cheerful. No one has ever seen her sad over anything. She's also captain of the volleyball teams.
Kiki: Teams?
Hyuna: Mhmm. Highschool Varsity and College Varsity. She may seem a little odd but she's actually a nice girl.
Popular huh? Hmm...
"Welcome to the Sweetheart Wing~ I know it's super girly but this was where I started out too. I'm a proud Cupid" she grinned.
Cupid? That's so dumb. Of course 'sweetheart' would be connected somehow to Cupid. How stupid and cheesy.
"Okay so there's 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 of you. Hmm. Odd number. Do you girls know who you want to bunk with?" She asked.
Marina: Roxy
Kiki: Hyuna
Emily: Kaija
Guess I'll be alone~ yes! Although I'm kind of offended that none of these girls wanted to bunk with me.
"Let's see the master dorm is technically mine but I can't have Daisy be all by herself. So I'll lend you the master dorm until we find another girl to bunk with you okay?"
Master dorm? I bet that thing is huge~ Plus Emily and Kaija seem like they can be easily manipulated. I'll make them into my personal slaves, it won't take much since they don't really have other friends.
"Are you sure?" I asked.
She smiled. "But of course. I have my other dorm but don't think I won't be checking in on you girls. It's my duty to make sure you're here and doing what you're supposed to do, although any mistakes you make won't affect me but you and your other fellow roommates. Make smart decisions okay~"
She's so weird. How is she popular? I mean seriously.
Marina: Can we look inside?
Koneko grinned. "DUH, this is like your home now. Go check it out. I'll show the girls into the master dorm. Please do not leave the Sweetheart wing. Come girls the room is the very first one over there"
I was super excited.
We walked inside and I was so astonished. I was gawking. This was like a condo! There was three separate rooms, a living room, a huge flat screen TV, a stereo system, chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, a kitchen area and dinning area. The view was what caught me the most! You could see soccer field and other buildings. This is definitely fit for a queen like myself. I hope they never find someone else to bunk me with.
Emily: Wow, Koneko this is your dorm?
She nodded. "Yup. Now the room over there is actually a study, complete with a mini library and computer. It's spacious so if you guys need to work there in silence you can. Which means that room over there is to share then that one over there is a single."
Emily: I don't mind sharing with Kaija
Kaija: I don't mind either.
Yes! My own room!
"Guess you're sleeping alone Daisy" Koneko smiled.
"I'll be fine." I smiled back. "Can I go look?"
She nodded.
I wanted to run but I knew that would ruin my cool and calm demeanor. I opened the door and my mouth dropped. This girl was definitely lucky! This room is my apartment almost. There's a couch in here! The bed is huge! Uwa! So fancy~ there's a balcony too! Ah! I wanted to scream out of happiness.
"Do you like it? You can put posters up and stuff just don't poke any holes, use some tape or those removable stick on tack things." Koneko said.
"Koneko, you're seriously lucky." I looked at her. "This is so amazing"
"When you're an excellent student with good morals the school treats you like a queen." She said.
Pfft. As if, she got all of this cuz she has money clearly.
"How'd you get so popular?" I asked.
"Popular?" She laughed softly. "Oh, I'm not popular."
"Hyuna said you were." I said.
"Well, I know a lot of people but I don't consider myself to be popular." She smiled.
How does she not embrace the fact that she's popular? Clearly she's just mocking me. Hmph. I'll show her.
Kaija: Koneko! This place is super cool! I love it!
Emily: I can't believe this is a dorm. It's so amazing~
"I'm glad you girls like it. This time tomorrow it's all yours~ But the kitchen is off limits. By no means are you to use it. The fridge you can use but no kitchen use unless it's the microwave." She said.
Kaija: Aw.
"You need supervision. Which means if you cook then you gotta cook for me too" she giggled.
Emily: Yay! We can definitely do that.
"Let's get back to the others now, it's time to get back to the main campus where you'll meet your professors"
Kaija: You mean teachers.
"Oh. Hehe. Right. Sorry, come on"
We met up with the other girls in the hallway. They were all giddy and excited over their dorms but none of their stories peaked my interest. I had the best dorm out of all of them.
Marina: Say can I ask you something?
"Sure thing." Koneko smiled.
Marina: Is your name actually Koneko? I mean that's like Japanese right?
She giggled. "No, it's not my real name. But yes, it means Kitty"
Roxy: Kitty?
"Yeah. It's a nickname" she said.
Kiki: How cute~ Why do they call you that?
"Well, for 2 reasons really. I'm pretty good with makeup so I can do the cat eye make up and the other reason is because they say I have cat like reflexes but instead of calling me 'cat' they named me Kitty. They say Koneko because I speak Japanese fluently. So when they asked me what Kitty was in Japanese and I told them, they just started calling me Koneko. Sometimes they say Kitty but for the most part it's Koneko." She explained.
That's dumb. She's practically grown and she has such a childish nickname.
Kaija: So what's your real name?
"It's a secret" she smiled and winked.
Secret? What's so secret about a name?!
Marina: Stud Alert.
All the girls fell silent as they looked at the handsome specimen heading towards us.
"Bummie~" Koneko said happily.
Hyuna: That's the guy I was telling you about. My brother's best friend.
Marina: What's his name?
Hyuna: Kim Bum
He's cute...How can HE have a crush on HER?
He hugged her and smiled. "I knew I'd find you here"
They pulled away. "Aya asked if I could come for her since she got stuck with the new university students, what're you doing here? Technically you're not supposed to be here~ Just look at what you're doing to these poor girls" she giggled.
He looked at us and smiled.
Everyone was even more quite than before but clearly ovaries had been exploded and the feels were happening.
"New recruits?" He looked an Koneko.
"Mhmm, It's their first year at Blossom Heights." She said.
Well Bummie seems a bit concerned now that he's seen Hyuna, does he know she's knows about his crush?
Hyuna smiled. "Bum-ssi~"
He was definitely panicking.
"H-Hey. Hyuna, can I talk to you for a second?"
"Oppa, she has to go back to campus. Can your talk wait for later?" Koneko asked.
He began to blush. "Um...Ahem, yeah. I have to go anyway, you're coming tonight right?"
"I don't know. I still have a lot to do" Koneko said.
Hm, is something going on tonight? I listened closely.
"Aw, you have to go. It won't be fun without you" he said.
Marina: Aw.
Roxy: So cute~
"Mm! No, I didn't mean it like that!" He shook his head.
Koneko giggled. "I'll call you later Bummie."
"Uh. Y-Yeah. Later" he smiled and made his way.
Marina: Yummy. Koneko please tell me you're gonna go for it.
"Go for what?" She asked.
Hyuna: (sigh)
She's hopeless...
*・・*:.。..。.:*・・*:.。. .。.:*・・**・・*:.。..。.:*・・*:.。. .。.:*・・*
The day was finally over! I'm exhausted. Tomorrow we move into our dorms and attend the Welcoming ceremony. I arrived to the dump I called home.
"Unnie, how was your day? Tell me all about Blossom Heights!"
"Sohyun, I'm tired besides why do you wanna know?"
"Because once I graduate middle school I want to be like you and go to-"
"No! Absolutely not! Don't you own a mirror?! Look at you! You'd be the laughing stock of the whole campus!" I exclaimed.
Her eyes began to water. "But...."
I sighed heavily. "Sohyun, I know you want to be like me but you can't okay? Not looking like that."
She sniffled.
"Oh and if by some miracle you do end up going to Blossom Heights, don't refer to me as your sister. I'm trying to get popular not be named sister of a circus animal." I said.
I went to take a shower first then went to the kitchen to I grab a soda and bag of chips. Phew. Today was a long day but it doesn't seem like it'll be difficult to become popular. All the girls in my classes have nothing on me, I just need to get my name out there and get recognized by the most popular people there. Koneko is an easy approach so I'll stick with her for a while, be nice and polite then I'll have her in the palm of my hand.
"Sohyun! Daisy! I'm home and I bought some food." My mom called out.
So hyuna was being a baby and said she wasn't going to eat which automatically led my mother to believe I did something to her.
"What? I didn't do anything to her" I rolled my eyes and sat down.
"She's crying isn't she? What'd you say to your sister?" She looked at me.
"Mom I've had a long day okay? Are you going to give me food or not?" I said not sparing any attitude towards her.
"Here" she placed a bowl of Jjajangmyeon in front of me.
I smiled at the sight of it.
"Sohyun!" My mother called out. "Come here and eat"
Sohyun came out, her eyes all red and puffy from crying. What a baby. She's so sensitive...big baby.
"Thank you Umma" she said softly and sat down.
"Don't eat too much" I smirked.
"Daisy, leave your sister alone. I mean it"
I sighed. "Whatever. By this time tomorrow I'm free from all this"
"All this? You mean your family?"
"This dump." I said. "You're probably content because you're used to it, I'm not going to live like this when I get older and I refuse to accept the fact of how poor we are. I'm not going to be poor anymore, I'll marry a rich man and live a happy life. You'll see, Blossom Heights is the perfect place to do that"
"You'll live unhappy. Money can't buy true friends, love and affection."
"But it can buy me Gucci and that makes me happy" I said as I began to eat.
*・・*:.。..。.:*・・*:.。. .。.:*・・**・・*:.。..。.:*・・*:.。. .。.:*・・*
Later that night, father came home. I wonder if he brought me anything~
"Appa" I smiled.
"Daisy. My little angel, how was your day?" He smiled.
"Appa, today was the most amazing day of my life~ I swear Blossom Heights is a dream come true" I said.
"I'm happy to hear that you're excited sweetheart." He said. "Study hard and be yourself, don't get carried away that atmosphere."
"Please, She's always has been quite the day dreamer. Not to mention she comes from a poor family as she says and she thinks she's better than everyone." Sohyun said.
"Why don't you go lose weight fatty" I glared at her.
"Girls. No fighting. This is your last night here and you're off to bigger and better things. But Daisy, don't forget where you come from or who you are." Father said.
That's what I wish to forget. This dump and the fact that I come from a trashy place like this.
Father hugged me.
"Gah! Look what you did! I'm filthy now!" I exclaimed.
"I...Daisy I was-"
"Get away from me! You're disgusting and all sweaty! Look what you did to my new shirt! Ugh!" I went to my room.
I got cleaned up and sighed, I deserve more than this. I'm going to make my way to the top and be sure everyone knows my name. I will be known nationwide at all the top schools and I will become who I'm meant to be. Popular among the rich, I don't care who I have to step on.
"From Pauper to Princess" I smiled as I looked into the mirror.
To Be Continued....

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