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He didn’t say to dress up or not so you settle on just putting on a fresh shirt with your jeans and touching up your make-up. When he rings the bell at seven, you nervously run your sweaty palms down your pant legs. Why are you so nervous? You’ve been out with him before, you’ve made out with him before…but you want it to work this time. This time around you’re invested.
As you open the door he stands up from leaning against the frame. He looks good; dark jeans, t-shirt, and leather jacket good. He smiles as he does a full circle in the hallway.
“You approve?”
You blush but he laughs, tilting your chin up, “I like it when you do that,” he whispers before he briefly kisses your lips.
You clear your throat, “Do what?”
“Look at me like I’m what you want for dinner.”
You close your eyes, licking your lips in embarrassment. You hear him chuckle,
“Are you going to invite me in?”
You back up to allow him to pass and notice the bags he has in his hand.
“Are we staying in?”
He places the bags on the coffee table and turns,
“Is that okay? I talked to Ji, he’s taking Jak out and everywhere I wanted to take you was booked. We can put this in the fridge and still try somewhere if you want?”
The food he brought smells heavenly. Let’s see, stay at home with just the two of you or go out and share him with the world? This really is a no brainer; however, you are a little nervous at keeping your hands to yourself.
You open up the fridge in response, “What would you like to drink?”
Your mind suddenly takes you back to the last time you asked that question and you blush again.
“Red must be the color of the night, that’s the third time you’ve turned that color in less than five minutes.”
He grins mischievously as he comes towards you, he crowds you into the fridge as he whispers; “I’m always going to be thirsty for you.”
He reaches past you and grabs a Coke, “But I think I’ll settle for this right now,” he says with a wink and turns around.
You roll your eyes and grin, this was the man you wanted, now what are you going to do with him? You can think of many things but right now you’re starving and dinner smells delicious.
As he unpacks the food containers, you come over to sit next to him. “Chopsticks? You done being nice to me?”
“Absolutely not, I intend to teach you.” He hands you a pair and places a container in front of you. “First off, you eat too daintily.”
“Daintily? I believe my mother calls it manners.”
“We have manners, but this is food. You need to enjoy it, before it gets cold. You need to get closer to it so most doesn’t fall before it gets to your mouth, like this.”
He breaks his chopsticks, stirs up his noodles, leans over and shovels a large portion into his mouth. As he slurps the noodles in, he looks over at you and grins at the look on your face. He breaks your chopsticks, leans over and stirs your noodles. Putting his arm around you, he positions them in your hand. His hand is guiding your chopstick movement which he keeps reaching over and correcting. After a few attempts with him helping you to use them, you finally get a small amount of food in your mouth.
“At this rate, not only will my food be cold but I’m going to starve to death.”
He brings his arm back and takes another giant bite of his own food. You watch him and scowl,
“I’m won’t let you starve.” He reaches over with his chopsticks, picks up a portion of your food, “Lean down or it’ll fall.”
You do as you’re told while he feeds you several bites. As you chew, he shovels more into his mouth. As he prepares to feed you again you pipe up,
“I can just get a fork you know.”
He leans over and places a kiss on your lips, “You could. But this is more fun.”
As he cleans up the containers he tosses a fortune cookie at you.
“A fortune cookie? I thought they were just an American thing.”
He shrugs, “They can be entertaining. Movie? I brought a couple with me.”
You open the package, crack the cookie and take out your fortune. He settles back down next to you with his own.
You laugh as you read it, “Wouldn’t it be ironic to die in the living room?”
He takes it from you, shakes his head and tosses it on the table. He opens his own, throws his head back on the couch and laughs.
“Show me!” You reach for it but he holds it away from you. “What’s the magic word?
“I showed you mine.” He suddenly looks over at you with a, you did not just say that look.
“I wish.” He mumbles as he hands over his fortune.
“I’m never trusting Moonie again.”
You fall over laughing as you read, “Don’t be a dick”.
You’re wiping tears from your eyes as you hand it back to him, “OMG, it’s perfect! But what does Moonie have to do with it?”
He grumbles back, “OMG it’s perfect!” as he tosses it on the table.
“It was his idea of where I should get dinner and to pick up fortune cookies. I totally forgot the place does custom cookies.”
That starts you on another laughing fit, “Well that explains why they aren’t really fortunes.”
He looks so disgruntled that you playfully tug on his hair to get him to look over at you.
“It's funny, you have to admit it.”
A pout shows up on his face so you reach over to try and smooth the lines away. He refuses to give in so you lean in and kiss him on the cheek, then whisper in his ear. “Oppa, there are many ways to die.”
His arm snakes around you and pulls you over into his lap.
“I’m thirsty,” he says as he claims your lips more like a hungry man than a thirsty one.
This man and his body...those arms, his abs...good gawd!! Ummk what was i trying to say?! Oh yea...Mooooooonie strikes again!! Those fortune cookies were hilarious! Good one! Hahaha!
i need to find more shows of them damn it...
Oh, this yummy boy!
oh gosh. he is just wrecking my bias list damn it. and i have it set too.