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Day 8 I consider as a bonus day because I was originally going to do just 7 days. I did it for the sexy men of FT so now I'm doing it for the females! So, lastly, the one woman I do consider very sexy is Lucy Heartfilia! She's one of a kind in her own aspects. I hate when ppl say she's useless because to me she's very valuable. Without her FT would have never even came to. (This FT anime is based off of Lucy joining FT) Not only that she has kickass celestial magic! Who else do you know in FT that has almost all the zodiac keys?! If it weren't for Lucy denying Yukinos keys she would've been complete. Anyhow, that's my opinion so I hope you guys/gals enjoy her pics as much as I have! (no hate comments plz.) Luv ya my fellow nakamas!
She's absolutely my number 1 favorite FT wizard and then Erza is my 2nd favorite!! What's yours? ✨