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So... You may ask... "What is this poll for exactly?" Well this poll is basically for popularity...


I love and care about everyone's opinions & words so... I was thinking of something... For those who have read my many.. many... MANY fanfictions.. I usually say if anyone has suggestions then tell me who.. But.. Most of the time either no one says nothing or that story doesnt get much attention... Such as my 'Under Rated' stories: The Past is our Present (Onew) The Sun That Rises (Taeyang) A hoping love story (J-Hope) Gentle Boys With Bad Behaviors (Zelo) Lies Hidden, Secrets Revealed (BamBam) Baozi Love (Xiumin) I Got You (Jackson) AND MORE!
So.. I wanted to see which member in VIXX is the most popular.. Here is what you have to do! First, Tell me which member who you think is the most popular. Second, Tell me ONE physical trait you love about him. Third, Then, Wait to see who'll win! NOTE: The Winning member will get a "little treat" ;) SECOND NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT LISTEN TO VIXX OR SUPPORT THEM THEN DO NOT BASH OR COMMENT>>> JUST SIMPLY LEAVE! So.. Who would you choose? (I'm not gonna say who my bias is.. So it's more fun to see who actually likes me bias xD Here is a hint... He is cute xD)

The Flirty N!

Shy Cutie Leo!

Bubbly Ken!

Eye Catching Ravi!

Sexy Man Hongbin!

Fluffy Maknae Hyuk!

Tick Tock! The clock is ticking! GEMINI SQUAD: @AaliyahNewbell @mbg3t @KatiePrihodiko @Anna5221
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Ravi is my man! He's just so gorgeous, and his voice, it does things to me!
I'm voting for flirty N. He has that sexy exotic look going him. Its just many things that I like about him but mostly his eyes
I know I already voted, but HYUKKIE!!!!
Hongbin!! For being the "cool guy" in my eyes. He's sexy and cute, not overly serious but not overly silly either, the perfect mix of everything! 馃挊馃挊馃挊 I was going to say Leo...he was my original bias with his brooding looks 馃槏...but I my Bin stole my heart and he needed some love!!
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