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Hiiiiii lol omgosh I haven't been on my own account in weeks bruh... It will probably be unnecessary to explain but I will! because I want to ㅋㅋㅋ c:

#1.) I have been working HARD over at @Kpopint I love yall c: ♡ so I switch between my page and ours time from time. I love being a reporter there c: Everyone is so cool and fun-loving! S/O to yall! lol


#2.) LIFE! bruh.. trying to get my life together. You know responsibilities, priorities, etc!

I miss yall ㅠㅠ What's been up with you guys? Anything you want to tell me? let's chat c:

Anyone else what to be apart of my taglist? Let me know! Sorry for the delay with the fanfic 'I bet you didn't know my boyfriend is a Kpop idol'. I been working on it, almost done! ㅠ *Pictures & Gifs : creds to the rightful owners. Collage made by me ♡
@parktaemi Next week I'll be 21
That's good c: @CreeTheOtaku
@parktaemi probably watch the new Captian America movie that just came out
That's good to hear! and that's awesome c: when is your birthday? @CreeTheOtaku
@parktaemi Pretty good, I'm changing my username in a couple of week before my birthday and spring classes are over with
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