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WARNING: Mature Content
Pants are definitely better than a skirt but the shorts were the best. As he starts nibbling on your neck, you place your head on his shoulder and repeat what you heard earlier.
“I was told today that make-up sex is the best sex.”
His lips stop a minute; he changes to his tongue sliding up your neck to your ear where he starts biting.
“Honestly? I think any sex with you would be damn fantastic right now.”
He pulls back enough to look you in the eyes,
“You always have sex on a first date? Aren’t we starting over?” you tease.
He groans in frustration, throwing his head back on the couch.
“It’s a good thing that couch is soft or I’m afraid you’d have a concussion by now.”
He simply growls in response. His t-shirt has come untucked through the evening; you reach down and run your hands along the edge of it. He grabs and stops them,
“Don’t. If we’re starting over and I’m obeying my ‘fortune’ you can’t do that.”
You grin as you lean over and run the tip of your tongue up over his adams apple.
“Who said anything about listening to Moonie?”
His head comes up as his hands cup your face, his eyes searching for answers. Your eyes say yes but you figure he understands your hands better as they begin roaming underneath his t-shirt. He lets your face go for the ten seconds it takes to pull his shirt off. Before his mouth comes down on yours you have to know,
“How long did Ji say he’d keep Jak out for?”
You’d like to say that when you woke up you were well rested; had gotten a fabulous night’s sleep that was filled with fantastic dreams but that would be a lie. When your alarm goes off there’s a muffled moan from the head lying on your chest. You reach a hand up to thread through his hair and receive a small kiss in response. He rolls over and takes you with him.
“Let’s play hookey.”
“Yeah, not going to happen, filming remember?”
“I don’t remember much of anything right now, except you. I’ve got you imprinted on my body and in my brain.”
“And whose fault is that?”
He kisses the top of your head and pinches your bottom.
“I do believe it takes two. I wasn’t here by myself.”
You smile as you draw lazy circles across his chest, “Possibly.”
He puts a hand on top of yours, “Haven’t I told you not to do that? We’ll be late.”
You maneuver your hand out from under his and trace his chin. You lean up and give him a kiss whispering, “I set the alarm early.” He rolls you underneath him, suddenly no longer sleepy.
When the two of you arrive on the set, the guys all want to know about your new job.
“Don’t you start your new job today?”
“Trying to get rid of me already?”
“No!” Yijeong smacks Kyungil in the chest, “He just said that you got a new job and were starting immediately?”
“Ah. Yeah, I told them I needed to finish the job here. I start first thing Monday morning.”
As you leave the group and wander over to check on the props you get detained by Moonie.
“Look at me.”
You turn with a questioning look, “Why? What’s wrong?”
You glance back over at the group to make sure nothing’s happened to any of the guys.
He grabs your chin, looks at your face this way and that, all the while humming.
“Dark circles under your eyes, bloodshot eyes, but yet a glow.”
He starts to smile, then claps his hands.
“Girl, you got LUCKY last night!” He lets out a shriek of delight that embarrasses you to death,
“Moonie! Shhh.”
But he isn’t listening to you, he’s staring over at Kyungil.
“Our boy looks a little lethargic; I’d say you got lucky more than once! Am I right?”
Your face turns the color of a beet; “I’m not discussing this!”
“Oh, I think you doth protest too much. I won’t ask for details right now, we have work to do but girl, that man is delicious, you have to give me something!”
You turn back around and get back to work, hoping that if you ignore him he’ll go away and do his own job.
At lunch you receive a text.
SCM: Last night was good huh?
Seriously? Are all the men in this building twelve years old and gossips?
YOU: Excuse me?
SCM: I have to admit, I’m jealous. But I think you two are good for each other.
YOU: Yijeong what are you talking about?
SCM: Lol, come on. He didn’t come home last night, he downed a Red Bull upon arriving this morning and is fast asleep in his chair right now.
YOU: Meaning?
SCM: That the two of you have obviously patched things up. Do we still get to be friends?
YOU: I don’t see why not, but maybe that isn’t a me question.
Moonie can spot someone getting 'lucky' from a mile away! It's that 'lucky' radar! hahaha!
aaahhhhh yes!
gosh that man. so freaking hot.
Yowza! I blush way too easily to have to talk to all of his friends right now. But I can think of worse reasons to be all bloodshot and sleep deprived. 😁
You spoiled us so much today thanks for all the chapters! 💜💚💙