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hello ! i'm back with some new lockscreens ! i hope everyone likes theirs and i hope people request again! thank you for supporting this series !
requested by : @TaehyungV image(s) : GD, Mark (got7), jungkook (BTS)
requested by : @AmberRelynn image : markson
requested by : @BekiKunstman image : kim seokjin i hope you don't mind but i tested out some new lockscreen styles :D
requested by : @sherrysahar image : kim ukwon
check out the new style of lockscreens i've been making :D -just swipe left-
i hope everyone liked theirs (and i really really really hope more people request) actually i may have a bit of trouble getting the next set of lockscreens out because i'm going on a school trip for about 3 days so i won't be able to do much with my phone you can still request of course but don't expect them to be out soon :-) please consider my rules for requesting : 1) must be requested on the latest lockscreen or the one directly before 2) requests must be 5 lockscreens or lower (i'm sorry i'm making this a rule >.< but i have school and some after school things) 3) this is more optional but it would be helpful to list the group the idol is in (of course it's not gonna work for people who are actors 눈_눈) just comment if you would like to be tagged or untagged ! :-)
omgward!!!!!!!!!!! these are hecka cuteeeeee~ can you make me on please~ they are just way to cute i have a couple of idols i would sooo love to have as a lock screen but their are just way to many i cant male them fit or make it cute can you please make me one?? taehyung jungkook and jimin! or can you do baekhyun suho and xiumin? or or baekhyun xiumin suho taehyung and jungkook😱😱 spazzing man~!!!
yayy can you pleasedo tiffany snsd, suga bts, hwasa mamamoo, and jimin aoa 사링해요~
yup :-) @kpop2001
do u do girl groups?
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