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WARNING: Adult Situations, Mild Language
Once back at the hotel you throw your phone down on the bed in disgust. Lee looks over at you in confusion, “What did your phone do?”
She needs to know, she’ll find out sooner or later anyway. The fact that you have seven missed calls, seven messages, and the same text message sent over twenty five times should say it all. You pick your phone up, unlock it and toss it over to her.
“What? What am I supposed to do with this?” She looks down and starts scrolling, “Wait, is Chad hurt or was your phone dead? Why are there so many messages?”
“Open them,” you say and walk over to the window.
After a minute you start getting questions,
“What does he mean ‘it isn’t what you think’, what’s he talking about? Who’s Christine? Does he mean our Christine? What does she have to do with anything?”
You walk back over and grab your phone, scrolling to your placed calls.
“Last night while you were passed out on [HN]’s couch,” you give her a pointed look which she has the grace to blush at. “I watched the storm with [HN], while he held me.” Wide eyes and an open mouth turn to you, you quickly continue before she can start. “Nothing happened, at all. But I felt guilty and couldn’t sleep. With the time difference I knew Chad would be up so I called his number.” You show her the first call of the day.
“Christine answered,” you hear a gasp and speed up to get through it. “I thought I dialed a wrong number, I apologized profusely because I could hear that she had male company.” You take a breath, “Then I thought about it, checked my phone and realized I hadn’t misdialed. So I deliberately called HER number."
You take a breath, "They were in the middle of having sex, she was all breathless and telling me what a bad time it was to be misdialing again. I told her to have Chad call me when the blood returned to his rightful head.”
“You didn’t,” she starts to giggle.
You can’t help but grin, “I did. He called like five minutes later so I congratulated him on getting her off so quick.”
Lee falls backwards on the bed in a fit of giggles,
“Oh my G…I would have LOVED to be a fly on that wall!” She sits back up suddenly, “But honey, what about you? Are you okay?”
“Actually, yeah. Here I was feeling guilty about starting to have feelings for [HN] when he’s been out cheating on me for the last three months! No wonder I haven’t heard from him or that he didn’t have a problem with this trip. I’m so stupid! But that’s not the worst; I don’t care that we’re over, because I really do like [HN] and didn’t want to feel like I was cheating you know?”
You laugh bitterly, “And it wasn’t even me that was cheating!” You pause for a minute, “But [HN] heard our conversation when Chad called me back. He knows that he cheated on me, I was so humiliated.”
Lee pulls you into a hug, “What did he do? He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that would rub it in.”
You sit there for a minute and in a small voice reply,
“He wiped away my tears. Then went and got a blanket and held me until I fell asleep.” Your head drops to your hands,
“Here I tell Chad I refuse to be the other woman and then I let another woman’s man hold me all night. What kind of a hypocrite am I?”
Lee doesn’t say anything, just rubs your back and lets you cry it out.
You’ve been avoiding your phone all day, sick of being alerted each time Chad texts or rings. When the hotel phone rings, it startles you and Lee both. She reaches over to answer it, just in case, but hangs up after a couple of yeahs.
“It was the front desk; they said they have a delivery for you; they want to bring up, make sure someone was here.”
When the knock comes to the door, Lee answers it as well. Accepting the delivery, she tries to tip the bellboy but he refuses stating that it's already been taken care of. She comes into the room carrying a bouquet of flowers and a card for you.
“The tip was already taken care of and I don’t think Chad has ever given you flowers right? So they can't be from that cheapskate.”
You nervously take the card and open it as she puts the flowers over on the table.
“I thought you would be avoiding your phone. I wanted to send you a little sunshine to help with your day. I will phone you at our normal time, please answer. [HN]”
You just sit and stare at the card until Lee walks over, takes it out of your hand and starts reading. She suddenly plops down on the bed next to you.
“Shit girl, you’re in trouble.”
this went from 0 to 100 real quick i love it i love how you're building the drama i just hope this chapter were a little bit longer cause now i'm o curious to see what's going to happen next but i guess i can wait .......... not , not really i can't wait for the next chapter (>_<) ( >o<)
He's as close to my perfect man as I can get...except he isn't my perfect man...😔
Wow, not helping me trying to not want to be with him. I adore this man so much! I'm predicting I'll answer when he calls... I could surprise myself. Not sure I have that much control though. Can't wait to find out!
so he is amazing. not helping my situation of being the other woman though. i really hope something dramatic doesnt but does happen
He so sweet 💕
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