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This reminds me of when I was six years old and announced to all of my cousins that I was probably pregnant.

It's hard out here for a kid who hasn't had the 'birds and bees talk' yet. Has something like this ever happened to you?

Gosh...! That was amazing.... You all have great stories to tell...!.;).. I only thought that you would have to get married first... Because ur mom n dad were married....also i kinda thought girls are the leaders of this world so they got to get babies as a gift from god.... Rest later i figure it all out... When i grew older i guess.... Even i didnt knew about periods well... But kind of thought that all girls bleed.. Because my friend did n my mom told you would too...!... I even thought the pads kept at home were diapers...! 馃槀馃槀
@YumiMiyazaki LOL That's really cute though. I feel like I learned super early too because I had an older sister and I feel like we just sort of learned it both together when it was her time to learn.
I had the sex talk kinda early (about 9). I already knew how babies were made and stuff but I hard time pronouncing the words: vagina was virginia, penis was peanuts, orgasm was organism ( said this in front of my science class while reading our loud) So embarrassing 馃槩
I thought you had to wish upon a star.....I watched pinochio don't blame me
@danidee... Lol... We all have that kind of moments...!!
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