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Mingyu What do you do these days to achieve your goal? Lets not spare my body. for example, if we have a photoshoot starting in the morning, it takes a long time because of individual cuts. the first person who goes first has to wait (until everyones finished), and becomes tired. But for me, i go around and say good job!, hwaiting! and try to give energy and not go back to the dorm. my goal is to have this kind of mind until i grow old. i think using (my body) delivers the message well.
Wonwoo When do you feel the strongest? My parents taught me this. love yourself the most. for example, when a friend who doesnt have confidence in their appearance and say todays not my day, i would give them strength by saying, oh, come on (t/n: basically saying that theres no such thing as a bad day). since i have that kind of mind, i have confidence in myself that even when my face is bloated or such, i tell myself no, im the best.
Vernon Because your appearance is a bit different, you must have had some concerns over you identity. Its not like I havent had those concerns, but its also not like Ive had a lot of them. When I was younger, I think I was a little stressed out about how people looked at me differently because my appearance was different. But then, the answer I came up with by myself was, Of course theyre going to look at meโ€ฆ after all, I am different looking. Just accept it. After coming up with that answer, I didnt feel so stressed anymore.
DK At what moments do you think im glad that im in the same team with these people? When im just with them. when im living with them. if i didnt have the members here with me, i probably would have not been able to do anything right. the reason why we have 13 members is because of the energy we have when all of us are gathered together. each and every member is very precious, and because of how we all met each other through fate, seventeen was createdโ€ฆbecause of that, everyone is precious to me. trans by mountean
The8 Who do you talk to when youre having a hard time? When im having a hard time, i just think to myself that i should work harder. when im really really having a hard time, then i talk to jun hyung. i think our personalities are becoming more opposite. i always want to do things very quickly while jun hyung says its ok. i get stressed out a lot but hyung just eats and forgets about the stress.
Hoshi You said during adore u that the members just need to have fun. Yes, i was had so many concerns during that time. i talked to hyung a lot too. but, uh, right as i looked through the window of the practice room, the kids were having fun playing. after i saw that, i thought we could show this truthful side of us. from there, we came out well, easily (t/n: they were able to easily make expressions and do well on stage). we were trying to portray the silly side of boys.
Woozi Because the teams color is so bright, there must be requests of aegyo. Ah, I really didnt think about this. although it is still very hard (laughs), i do it because fans ask me to. im usually not the kind who brightly does aegyo, but when i need it, im suddenly in the situation where im doing it. its like having good reflexes? because the fans love it so much. the fans dont ask for aegyo to a member whos already good at it. i think because im not good at it, they ask me. however, the fans like it because i work hard on doing it. being fully committed, i work very hard on it. (laughs)
Joenghan You must feel more idol-like when you finally get to have a name for your fanclub. I think that would be really great. i would think wow when everyones holding up the same lightstick. i i would be really touched. i might even cry. i think itd be really nice to see that many people holding the same lightstick to cheer on for seventeen.
Joshua I really hope you get to do a world tour concert soon. I have a huge mind of making seventeen well-known and big so i can earn lots of money to become a filial son to my parents. when i was in america, my mom worked everyday. even on Sundays. because Ive seen her work so hard, i really want to earn a lot and help my mom.
Dino What part of Michael Jackson do you want to resemble? When i watch his performance, theres an unknown sexiness to it. when you see Michael Jackson, he is completely clothed. i think that hes sexy when hes dancing his dance or singing. i think itd be nice if i become someone like that.
Seungkwan You rarely say that youre tired, right? I think that happens naturally. the members cant become tired (because of me) so whenever i have the chance to overcome it myself, im the type to relieve it alone. but of course, if i have a concern (something tiring), i would talk about it. because the members listen to what i have to say very well.
Jun Seventeen is going to become busier in the future. Ah, the fans will also become more tired. more than us. because they will follow us wherever we go. we have a slight break in our waiting room before our performance(s) but the fans always have to keep cheering below, and scream. they work very hard.
S.Coups What kind of story do you want to tell your fans? From a fans perspective, its a hard job to like one person for a long time. its not even meeting them personally and talking to them while giving and receiving love, its about liking one person from afar. i know, myself, that its very hard. i want to say something concerning that. if possible, by rapping. because i think writing lyrics while thinking about fans and expressing how thankful i am will deliver (what im trying to say) instead of solely thanking them.
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They are all beautiful Boys i am soooooooooo proud to be a carat โค๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘