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As some of you savvy Internet types might know, there's currently a viral trend going around where people attach a corn cob to a power drill and attempt to eat it all in mere seconds.

In a perfect world, it looks kind of like this when you do it.

However, results have considerably varied. (Considerably being the ultimate keyword in this sentence.)

Apparently, this is what it looks like when you forget to tie your hair back first. Yeah, ever get scalped by corn before?

The moral of the story is not every YouTube challenge needs to be tried at home.

Also, how about trading that drill in for some actual corn holders?
Let me know how you feel about this corn challenge below, and for more viral vids, follow my YouTube Nation collection!
omg.... I feel sorry for that girl, but she should have a bit more common sense when working with hazardous tools.
@Ticasensei Every single time I watch one of these, I feel like it's an accident waiting to happen.
i think they are pretty stupid cause people want to try it cause it looks 'fun' but they can be dangerous and WILL change you appearance.. (kylie jenner lip challenge)
I would have had her same face.. she knows what she did. and she feels stupid for doing it. As she should. beautiful hair.. gone, b/c she wanted to be popular on the Internet. the new question is.. why would she willingly put this on the Internet still? maybe her family told her to... to punish her for doing something this... stupid..? idk.. I would just tell my kid to wear some wigs or something..
I would be panicking so hard. It looked like she was like hey guys look I have a bald spot now馃槄
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