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Because Being Latino = Strict Parents
At least usually, anyway. My mom gave me a lot of freedom, actually. But I definitely could not do any sleepovers. There was one friend I was allowed to sleep over, but that was because she knew the family really well and she knew they'd snitch on me if I wasn't actually there. So there's that haha.
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@danidee we always had cereal 馃槩
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yup!!! mom was like they want to see you. they can come over. and if we did sleepover mom was there.
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@buddyesd My mom was a nutritionist so she was always super adamant about making super balanced meals for us even if she had to buy bagged salad or defrost a block of frozen spinach to get our veggies in.
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I think I like the cereal better @danidee 馃榿馃榿馃榿
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or Asian...I'd be like "mom can I go to josh house"...she be like "Y U NO DOCTOR YET" smh
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