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So Far I will be starting Fluff Week with Jin.
I decided to end the week with another Jaebum story. :)
The sound of your loud, frustrated groan echoed through your house. All you wanted to do was sleep. But every time your eyes fluttered shut and your consciousness started to slip away, the obnoxious itch in your throat became too much to bear and you were awoken by a coughing fit.
It didn’t matter what you did to try and distract yourself from the misery of being sick. You had woken up the day before with a sore throat. It felt so scratchy you could barely swallow without wincing in pain. The next day the coughing started, accompanied by a stuffy nose. The third day was when the fever hit you. Your face felt hot, you were dizzy and your hands were clammy. You barely felt well enough to get up to go take medicine.
Needless to say, when there was a sudden pounding on your front door you were less than happy. Shakily you sat up, lifting yourself off of your bed slowly so you wouldn’t feel lightheaded. You shuffled over to the door, dragging your feet.
“Who is it?” Your voice came out as a croak, but you didn’t care in the slightest. You had to press your hand against the wall to hold yourself up, focusing intently on not falling over.
“Your boyfriend,” Jaebum’s smug voice filtered into your senses and for the first time in three days, you grinned. Without thinking you took your hand from the wall and threw the door open excitedly. But you had moved too fast.
A wave of dizziness washed over you and before you could do anything to stop it, your knees gave out and your vision blurred. The last thing you remembered was Jaebum’s concerned face as he shot forward to catch you.
The first thing you remembered when you woke up was the mixed feelings of warmth and coldness. You recognized the feeling on a wet washcloth on your forehead, cooling you down. A droplet from it rolled down the side of your face. The warmth was coming from your neck, a soft gust of heat hitting your skin every few seconds. You blinked, opening your eyes to find yourself back in bed, staring at the familiar ceiling. You turned your head to a familiar sight.
Jaebum was next to you, asleep. His strong arms were wrapped around you and his face was in the crook of your neck, his warm breath tickling you. Your cheeks felt warm, and it wasn’t from the fever. You reached out and ran your fingers across his forearm, causing goose bumps to rise on his skin. He was a light sleeper, so the slight touch made him stir. He opened his eyes. They were as dark as the midnight sky, staring at you intently. Every time he looked at you, the best kind of shiver ran down your spine because you knew he was reading you like a book.
“How are you feeling?” He asked gently, his voice rough from his nap. He reached up and stroked your face, his fingers as gentle as butterfly wings.
“Better now that you’re here,” You said, taking his hand in yours. Jaebum snorted, a smirk curving the tips of his mouth.
“That was so cheesy,” He said. You shrugged shamelessly, trying to play it off cool. Jaebum shot another grin at you… but you knew him too well. You could see his lips quivering from his forced smile and you could see the genuine concern in his eyes. He was really, really worried.
Jaebum suddenly propped himself up and leaned over you. The hand that was on your face moved downward to cup your chin. He pulled your face closer to his. He tilted his head and narrowed his eyes. You could feel the heat rolling off his body… but then you remembered.
“Wait!” You yelled suddenly, clapping your hand over his mouth. Jaebum just sat there, his signature glare forming on his face.
“I don’t want to get you sick,” You justified yourself. Jaebum rolled his eyes and then without warning, lunged at you, poking at your sides. He knew you were ticklish, that butthead. You erupted into uncontrollable giggles as he tickled you.
“Do you really think I care about that?” He said through a smile, filled with satisfaction as you squirmed under him. Unfortunately, laughing so hard irritated your throat and your laughs slowly but surely turned into painful coughs. Jaebum immediately stopped tickling you and helped you sit up and get the rest of the coughs out. You groaned in frustration. You couldn’t even have fun with your boyfriend without feeling disgusting.
You looked at Jaebum’s face. His worried expression reappeared as he gently rubbed your back. To his surprise, you smiled. He would never admit it, but he was actually incredibly nurturing.
“Stop with the face. I’m fine!” You insisted. Jaebum put his arms around you and squeezed you into a tight hug. You buried your face in his shoulder, inhaling his familiar, addicting scent.
“I’m here to take care of you,” He mumbled as he stroked your hair. You loved the skinship he showed you when he was worried. You nodded against him, so he knew that you knew. He gently pulled away from the hug.
“I’m gonna make you something to eat,” He said firmly. You hadn’t realized how hungry you were until he said those words. You smiled gratefully at him. Jaebum gently got up off of the bed and stretched his arms out from being cramped in the small bed with you. You laid back onto the bed. You felt so much more relaxed now that your boyfriend was with you. Maybe you could finally get some sleep.
“Oh, I forgot!” Jaebum said suddenly. You turned your head to his direction, only to be completely surprised by Jaebum pressing a quick kiss right onto your lips. You gaped at him as he scampered away toward the kitchen, laughing maniacally.
“You’re going to get sick!” You scolded him, trying not to smile. He peeked at you from your bedroom door, pushing his dark brown hair back through his fingers.
“It’s okay. I know you’ll take care of me.”


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