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Last week I had actually cooked for my boyfriend. We typically go out to eat for most of our date nights, but I thought it would be nice to make him something tasty. This was my first time making both of these things. I don't often dabble with pasta dishes.
On the right, is a pasta dish. It basically has pasta, marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese mixed inside and on top.
To the left, is a garlic bread I made myself. It's your basic bread along with homemade garlic butter (which is actually really easy to make).
Hey you should do a card with the recipe. I've been wanting to start being a vegetarian, but I have no clue were to start, and this gave me an idea. It's totally up to you though
@Animaniafreak my boyfriend LOVED it and had a few more plates after the first ;)
@alywoah Okay thank you!
For sure! It's just difficult because I am a spontaneous cook! I am going to post a recipe for the garlic butter tomorrow. Alssooo I have SOME vegetarian recipes/ideas in my "Kinda Vegetarian, Totally Latina" collection :) .... @CristalTrujillo
Garlic butter is my LIFE
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