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Summer and bangs is a tough pair so on days you don't want to deal with sweaty hair stuck on your forehead turn to these styles.


Not only will headscarf keep your head cool, it also add a little funk to spice up your summer outfit. Oh, and it's a godsend for second day hair. ;)


You're never too old for this one. Embrace your natural volume and texture with this piled-high hairstyle!


Can't contain those frizz? Hide them beautifully with a fashionable headwear. Fedora is a safe choice and compliment most casual attire.

Twist it Back

This is the prettiest and most romantic way to keep those bangs at bay.

Edgy Top Braid

This is the best way to hide the grease and bring out your edginess. Quick and easy! :)
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I'm growing my bangs out after having them for YEARS, so I've been braiding them back nearly daily. I'll try these, too :)
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