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I need to chill

Like seriously what is wrong with me.. I was minding mown business just stalking my twitter feed when I came across this post
like omg wtf.. Seriously this intrigued me to learn more about him..
my lurking skills kicked in and found ig.. like really if you don't follow this twitter you should cause dam daddy's for real!!
so Monster Woo is a Dancer from Amoeba real name Kim Young Woo
in case you didn't know him already

and he's friends with all my faves

just take some time and enjoy the view
Let me know if you would like to be added or removed from future Card's
shit he looks like a bigger buffer version of jay park
Wow!! He's just.... I can't.... I don't know what to say 😍
@twistedexo yup and he can dance and speak english 😩
nice...... just died
@BlackFawn ig and youtube just search monster woo
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