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The third card for Day 1 of the 12 Days of EXO. So far for our Kim Jongin, we saw his love for his babies and some deadly lip action. So next let's go with silliness and handsomeness (because with Kai, handsome is unavoidable)! Let's do this!
His expression is priceless. I wonder what confetti did to him...
Such a tease...
This was one of my favorite parts in EXO Showtime. The whole time Chanyeol kept going on about how much he loved Kai and Kai was just like, lol that's nice. Chanyeol bought him a gift and everything while Kai and Sehun stopped by a convenience store and bought like $7 worth of random stuff
The sweet baby held by his mama.
I love how he laughs, like you'll know when he's laughing so hard that he'll start kicking or hitting the person closest to him, which is mostly Sehun. Also, I laughed when I saw his expressions against confetti, reminded me of the clip I saw of him jumping when fireworks went off. He kicked at it like that was going to do something XD
he's so playful damn
stapppppppp I can't with him!!!