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Yes! Thank you and you! *hums BigBang's song Thank You* Now you may be asking yourself, "Wae? What did I do?" You did everything!
Because of my special readers, like you (yes, I quote PBS ), my BigBang fanfic novel has been blossoming (hehehehe, catch my pun) into wonders!
So much that this happened!
103 followers on my FanFic collection! ❤❤❤❤ Shoutout to @MrsBangYongguk for being my 100th follower! And to those who followed me before and after the 100th mark, *bows* 감사합니다!! I'm deeply honored! ❤ And another great thing happened!
I've received 300k views on my profile and it's still counting! *cries~~ I've never been so happy to be acknowledged by so many Oppas and Eonnis in my life! Therefore I want to thank each and every one of you for being so supportive and not killing me after all the feels I make ya'll go through! You are all LITERALLY my motivation to keep writing and keep improving my novel and to keep fighting! Please continue to take care of me through season 2 of Foreign Flower and for future projects as well! ❤
And another huge thank you to these DORKS for being the amazing individuals that they are!
BIGBANG: Sailynn, please continue to take care of us. I will! You can count on me!
If you do not see your name on here and wish to be tagged, let me know! :D
If you do see your name on here and wish to be removed, let me know.... :c
ok!thanks a bunch
Does anyone mind telling me what episode i can find it in?
Um hi i don`t actually think I am 100% right but i think there was a scene about the character dancing with Bigbang members because they challenged her
I love them they get better and better!
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