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acceptance: leaving the hand that left mine taking the hand beckoning to me indifference: ignoring both forgiveness: moving on with a smile self-control: letting go immature: clinging to the wind growth: saying goodbye politely
You are a strong girl... guys make so many promises... not that all guys are bad... but sometimes the things they say and the things they do are so different... it's like some of them just have multiple personalities
That's what I was getting from it and I had just gone through those exact phases and am much happier with my life moving forward. <3
The man was my close friend for 6 years, a recovering addict from Colorado that I helped and forgave and tolerated for a year. He fell for me and pushed a relationship even tho I wasn't quite ready and couldn't trust him. I let my guard down and trusted him. As soon as I needed support and had been dealing with severe depression he had said to me, "If you wanted to be dead you would be. I would take drugs and try to die, you cut yourself for attention." He eventually apologized for that, but later he left me and said that he could never love anyone as much as his ex. In the beginning, his ex was why I had my guard up and couldn't trust him. In the end, he left me for that exact reason... It hurt because we shared so much but I've forgave him, helped myself, and have moved forward!
glad you could relate to that
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