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“What Minhyuk?”
“Wanna blow this popsicle stand with me.”
“Leave with me.”
“Come on, nerd.”
“No, pay attention.”
“Sweetheart, live a little.”
“Minhyuk.” You whispered sternly, giving him a death glare before turning back to your math teacher.
“But sweetheart, its already noon and I’m starving.”
“Why didn’t you bring lunch if you’re this hungry.”
“But I’m hungry for something else.”
“NO!” You whispered loudly at him earning yourself strange glances from the other students around you in the classroom. The two of you were seated at the very back, last row so you didn’t catch the entire classes’ attention but you were embarrassed nonetheless. Minhyuk only gave you a wink, not feeling the least bit ashamed. You on the other hand were furious and determined to not look his way for the rest of the lecture.
Typical ‘bad boy’ Minhyuk. Never caring about what anyone else thought at the moment and running himself and anyone else around him into trouble. You had steered clear from him fairly well for all of senior year despite him being placed to sit beside you in Calculus. He usually never did anything to bother you because you weren’t his type. He was more on the prowl for the overly eager girls and you were the type who actually came to school for work. Besides, you didn’t understand the whole, ‘falling for the bad boys to change him’ nonsense that all the other girls in school religiously followed. You didn’t have a boyfriend right now, but that didn’t mean you would be chasing after him to have him either.
So establishing this difference quite early, he usually left you alone. However, today he seemed a bit too interested in you.
A few minutes later, you felt his hand on your knee, dangerously close to the edge your skirt. You shoved his hand away but it only returned, this time a bit higher.
“Minhyuk.” You asserted. You glared at him and scooted your chair to the other side of the shared table you two had, till you were at the very edge. He only smirked, scooting his chair closer to yours as he leaned an arm over the back of your chair. You didn’t hesitate to shove it off your chair as you glared at him before looking forward again. It only encouraged him as he now sat there and made sure you two were shoulder to shoulder. He wasn’t even making an attempt to make it seem as though he was paying attention, his chin resting on his hand, staring at you.
You tired very hard not to smack his head into the desk.
It was when you felt his hot breath against your ear did you jump in surprise.
“I bet you secretly want me to touch you.” He whispered in a low voice.
“You wish.” You murmured, continuing with your notes.
“Hmm, I do.” His sudden confession threw you off but you didn’t show it. “But you know what I think?” His hand came back to your knee. “I think you lay in bed thinking of me, touching yourself while thinking of me.” He dragged the last word longer than necessary as his finger drew circles on your knee. You felt yourself get heated, your cheeks flaming but that burn in your core. “I think you want my fingers in you, working you to my every whim. You want me in you right now, don’t you? You want me to touch you right under this table, but you’re too scared to admit it to me.”
Taking in a deep breath you slapped his hand off your knee and turned to look at him.
“I’m not scared of you and I don’t pleasure myself to you.” You said defiantly, only it made him chuckle.
“You’re right, you’re too innocent.” He said stretching back. “You probably don’t do anything like that. Because you’re a good little girl who wouldn’t dare think of doing these bad things.” He said in mockery. “I bet you never kissed anyone, you never even held a guys hand, let alone have a guy touch you. You’re a teacher’s pet, you would never do something like that in the classroom.”
That’s it, you couldn’t take it anymore. Catching him by surprise you took a hold of his hand and brought it back to your thigh, surprising him when you arched your brow at him.
“Can I?” he whispered stunned, not believing you completely. You nodded. Briefly glancing at the teacher before looking back at him.
“What’s wrong, cat got your fingers.” You replied confidently. “Or was that all just talk.”
He narrowed his eyes at you, he lips spreading into a predatory grin.
“Ready beautiful?” He whispered to you. You released the breath you were holding feeling his fingertips make circles over your skin.
“Hmm,” You hummed.
“What’s that, I couldn’t quite hear you?” he teased.
“Ready.” You said annoyed, hearing him snicker before his fingers complied and roamed further up. They easily found the fabric of your underwear, carefully running over the top of it and making you gasp at the sudden contact. You looked over at him but now he had a stoic expression on as if he was concentrating on the lecture, his right hand taking notes while his left tortured you. You would have fallen for his concentrating façade if you weren’t witness to his activities under the table right now.
The tip of his index finger continued to run up and down your covered core making you stir in your seat. Your hands gripped the edge of the table now as his finger slipped the cloth aside and made contact on skin. You bit down on your bottom lip to prevent the moans. You saw his smirk grow but he kept his gaze to the front as his finger teased your entrance. You jerked his hand with your thigh getting him to move on with it, to which he stopped all movements.
You looked at him shocked, would he really do this? You unintentionally brought your hips a little closer to his hands to gain friction again but he wouldn’t move, keeping his finger limb at your entrance.
He looked over at you, a certain darkness filling his eyes that told you that he wasn’t about to put up with you trying to take control. The dangerous vibe came back to him as and you remember just now that he was the definition of bad boy.
“Sorry.” You whispered to him, desperately wanting his fingers to be moving again. With a smug grin he started his torture on you once more making you roll your eyes.
“So wet for me sweetheart?”
You closed your eyes swallowing hard when his index finger dipped into you easily from the wetness of your core. He started pumping his finger in and out of you making you arch your back forward from the chair.
You rolled your head down, your chest heaving up and down, trying to control yourself. He suddenly started pumping faster making you groan and then cover your mouth with a hand hurriedly. His finger suddenly slowed down, and you almost collapsed out of frustration but then it quickened again.
Before you knew it his finger came out completely but before you could complain they were replaced with two fingers this time. You clamped the hand on you mouth tighter. Your eyes shot open to scan the room, but everyone was facing forward. His fingers began making circles, curling and uncurling inside you, hitting every perfect spot, meanwhile his thumb came around and rubbed rounds into you.
You tightened your thighs around his hand, squeezing tight but that did nothing to stop his motions till he had you panting and gasping as you reached your high. Breathing heavily, you fell back on your chair. You felt him pull his hand out as he turned his head to face you with a grin. You ran your fingers through your hair, looking at him incredulously at what just happened, but you couldn’t deny that you wanted more now. His expression only mirrored your erotic thoughts.
It was when his eyes fixated somewhere over your shoulder did a feeling of dread fill you up. He winked at someone passed you. You dared turn to your right to see that the young freshman, Jungkook, staring at you with his jaw hanging open. Your eyes widened in complete embarrassment but of course Minhyuk was enjoying this.
You didn’t have enough time to even blink before Jungkook raised his hand.
“What is it Mr. Jeon?” the teacher asked him.
“What are they doing?” he pointed at the two of you, turning every head in the room.


“I can’t believe.” You ranted. You were now seated in detention with Minhyuk. His feet were on the desk as he played with a rubber band.
“I know; did you see the kid’s face.” He said, chewing on his gum while aiming the rubber band towards you.
“It’s all your fault.” You accused.
“Oh please. Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it.”
“I did but that’s besides the point.” You rushed, trying to hide your blush.
“But I’m not done with you yet.” He said mischievously. You looked at him confused. “I’m still hungry.” You watched him get off his chair from the other side of the class room and walk over to you, crouching down in front of you to meet you at eye level.
You were about to protest but you really couldn’t.
“What do you say? Willing to fix my appetite?”
You chewed on you lip, unsure.
“But I understand if it’s a no. I know how much of a prude you are and all.” He said getting up. You grabbed his hand, bringing him close once more.
Taking advantage of the moment, he walked over and closed the door of the classroom.
“It doesn’t have a lock.” You whispered to him as he picked you up from the chair and sat you on top of the wooden desk.
“Even better.” He grinned his shark-like smile.
You watched as he sat down on the chair, directly in front of you. He spread open your legs and hiked up your skirt, swiftly placing a kiss on your thigh.
“Minhyuk, in ten minutes the teacher will be back to check on us.” You warned.
“I just need five, jagi.” He whispered as he stood back up and gave you a quick kiss to relax your racing heart.
His lips made your head spin, leaving you a bit dazed and craving for more of his lips. He bent his head back down to your clothed core and blew his hot breath against it. You immediately laid back on the table, closing your eyes as he repeated the gesture. Before you knew it his slick hands slipped your underwear off and down your legs to the ground. He looked down at you with hooded eyes that were filled with desire before he knelt he buried his head between your legs completely.
Your hand automatically reached for his bleach blond hair when you felt his tongue against your slit without warning. You moaned as his tongue began its torturous movements around you, sucking and licking, making your back arch in pleasure. A string of profanities left your mouth as your grip on his hair tightened only serving to encourage him further. He came up to you, watching as he flicked his tongue here and there. He prodded his tongue against your opening. Your hips bucked up and he used his hand to keep you flat on the table as his tongue came in and out of you, swirling circles. You came closer to your high again and his mouth came down to focus on your bundle of nerves, wrapping his lips and sucking it as his index finger came back inside you.
You screamed out, not even having the self control to tame yourself anymore. His finger pumped in and out of you driving you over the edge till you reached your peak and came around him. Your body felt alive and on fire, every nerve on edge and a ringing at your ear. You eased down from your high slowly, panting heavily as he pumped his fingers slower. He finally pulled them out, taking them completely into his mouth and licking them clean in front of you. You watched in silence, unable to take your eyes off him, the only noise coming from the slowly steadying breath of your heaving chest. He kissed your thigh softly one last before getting you dressed again and pulling your skirt down.
He gently slipped a hand behind your back and propped you up onto a sitting position once more. You leaned forward into his chest as he chuckled at your silence.
“Enjoyed it that much, huh?” He said softly, stroking his fingers through your hair. You hummed in content as he placed a kiss on your temple.
His actions surprised you. Maybe there was more to Minhyuk then what met the eye.
It was then that you noticed someone at the door. You gasped and Minhyuk turned around to look as well.
It was Jeon Jungkook again, wide eyed and stunned, the poor thing. You had no idea how much of the whole thing he had actually seen.“Really kid?” Minhyuk laughed. “Get a fucking room!” Jungkook scowled the two of you as he immediately turned around and ran out of the classroom. You looked at Minhyuk in shock but he only shrugged.
“Round three?”

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