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Alright, my boyfriend found a coat that he LOVED in this random thrift store this past Fall and he asked me my opinion before buying it.

He so obviously loved it, it was a great color, it was just what he wanted...

But it was too big.

He's a tall dude and it just made him look a little silly, but he was SO HAPPY trying it on and looking in the mirror.

I couldn't break his heart and say it didn't look good.

I just let him look funny for Fall/Winter and still don't know how I could have said something (or should I have even said anything???)

How would you tell a friend or loved one the truth when they say "how do I look?"

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always tell the truth especially over something as trivial as this. Im one of those people that if you dont want my opinion dont ask it.
tell him "it's too big and too ugly take it off!" jk, dont tell him that but do tell him the truth if you think it looks silly other people might think that too and it will stop him from ever being embarrassed while wearing it. I always tell my boyfriend the truth, like when he said he wanted to rap, i told him he just sucked and he didn't get embarrassed at the rap off in his school. the truth is better just dont sound mean like me :p :D
my only comment for the jacket is... "C is for cookie... cookies good for meee" loooool
if cruella DeVille and Sully had a baby...
I usually tell them that is doesn't look good or something might look better because you don't want people to laugh behind their backs. it's better to tell him with my friends I even fix strands of hair on their head that went out of place or a strap that fell down in their shirt and tell them about it