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Welcome to that time in Spring where you're not really sure what kind of weather to expect, so you wear the wrong thing and spend the rest of the day feeling kind of dumb.

Has this happened to any of you yet this year? I legit carried this huge umbrella with me all Saturday expecting a rain that didn't come. The struggle, guys.
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Same thing happened to me, and what made it worse was that someone pointed it out "she got her snow boots on." 馃槧
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@JamiMilsap oh that's evil.
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@petname83 I know, he's a friend, but I wanted to smack him so bad at that moment!
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@JamiMilsap I woulda
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I live in Texas. People wear whatever they want all year round. I've seen flip flops in winter and cowboy boots in summer. It's impossible to wear the wrong thing here.
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