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No it's not a 458 Italia an Enzo or an FXX it's something in-between. The "Laferrari" also known as the F70 and F150 is Ferrari's newest creation for 2013. Aimed at gaining the same status as the Ferrari Enzo, this car is breaking boundaries with it's 6.3L V12 electric motor which puts out a massive 800hp and an extra 163hp with it's HY-KERS electric motor. Thus, resulting in a 963hp monster while still weighing in at only 2800lbs. This was due to Ferrari's decision to have the entire body completely carbon fiber. In addition, the Laferrari utilizes a 7-speed Dual-Clutch F1 Gearbox which allows the car to go 0-60 in less than three and a top speed of over 217mph. With all of this said, it is easy to assume that the 1000 people who already pre-ordered the Laferrari are going to be extremely pleased. But what about everyone else? Unfortunately, Ferrari has only decided to produce 499 of these monsters and even if you are able to get your hands on one you will need to shell out a whopping 1.8 million dollars just to own it. Thus being said, we won't see any on the roads anytime soon unless we are in either Monaco or Dubai. With that said till next time. Takashi02
@dougfifer I know I wish they were a bit more creative! @johnlee other than the preorders I doubt many people are going to be able to get one :/
so I guess 500 people who preordered don't stand a chance of getting one?
TheFerrari really? it needs a more aggressive name than that.