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Chapter 6 ************* I set the plate down in front of them and turn to leave but one of them grabbed my wrist to stop me. I turn to face them and saw it was Master Hyuk. "N can she join us for lunch? We don't even know when the last time she ate." He asked Master N. "Its fine Master Hyuk, enjoy your lunch." I said but was held back again. "Join us" Master Hyuk said firmly as he pulled out the empty seat next to him. I gulped and looked at the other members. They didn't really seem to be bother by me joining them. "Sit" I was pushed into the chair. I didn't move a muscle as they made there plates. I was surprised when Master Hyuk set a plate in front of me. "Eat, you need the energy for later" he said. He placed the utensil in my hand. I wasn't really  comfortable yet to eat with them but I tried my best. The meal was silent that you could hear a noise from a pen if you dropped it. "Whats you name, Angel?" Master Hyuk spoke up.  I was glad that someone was speaking up from the awkward silence. I set my uyensil down and frowned. I never spoken my name after the accident of my parents and brother. "My name..." I started to say but cut myself off. Was I ready to tell someone my name. "If you wish to not speak of your name then that is fine. I'm sure we can find little nicknames for you." "Little one" "Slave" "Starlight" Master N, Master Leo and Master Ken said in unison. "Right?" Master Hyuk said. I knew there was going to be more questions. I could see it in his face. "What about age?" Master Hongbin smaked Master Hyuk across the head. "Ow what was that for?" "Don't you know its rude to ask a girl how old she is. Plus whats the difference when your older then her by hundreds of years." I choked on my food and coughed. Master Ken kindly handed me water. Thats how long they been alive for. I knew they were vampires but I didn't know that they were that old. All of them look like they are in there mid 20's to early 20's. "Sorry Angel, I didn't mean to come off rude." He apologized to me. "Its alright Master Hyuk" I said standing up and excusing myself.
Hakyeon: Little One (I am short 👍) Leo: Slave (of course 😂😂) Ken: Starlight (so sweet❤)
will you tag me? this is a good sorry so far. :)
That unison tho! Oh my gosh it's gettin good.My feels!
@resavalenciayou're welcome 😄😄😄
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