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Summer is almost here, and nothing is better than a beautiful glow! This is a top ten list of products I have tried, and found effective for achieving the luminous, glowing look of sun-kissed radiance. Please feel free to comment any tips, tricks or other product suggestions! I'm always eager to try something new! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- main graphic credit Nocturntable @ photobucket. All other images credit to brand and companies.

#1. Clinique - Up-lighting Liquid Illuminator

Retail approx. $26.50 USD I love this product! All over, strobing, add a dab to your body lotion, what-have-you. Has multiple uses, and a nice, light weight, sheer coverage that finishes with a dewy glow. On a side note, my second choice with Clinique is the Sun-kissed Gelee. It was a tough call. I found that I liked the more neutral tone of the Illuminator more. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Click here for more.

#2. MAC - Strobe Cream

Retail approx $33.00 USD Exactly as it says, nice and simple. Weightless, sheer coverage. Just the right dab-dab for highlight and illumination. Click here for more.

#3. Smashbox - L.A. Lights Blendable Lip and Cheek Colour

Retail approx $29.00 USD Perfect for strobing, or adding a touch of shimmer to your look. For light to medium tone, I would recommend Hollywood & Highlight, for medium to dark try Silver Lake Sunset. Click here for more.

#4. Lancome - Belle De Teint Luminous Bronzer

Retail approx $42.50 USD I found I liked the tri-colour pack best, but it is also available in solid shades. Everything is in the name. Exactly as it says, exactly as it does. Provides a nice glowing bronze, but with a more demi - matte finish. Click here for more.

#5. Smashbox - Baked Fusion Soft Lights

Retail approx. $32.00 USD I love the shimmer! I'm also a huge fan of the Smashbox. All my favorite qualities, light weight, slightly shimmering, demi - matte for a more natural finish. This is a softer glow, great for everyday wear. Click here for more.

#6. Cargo - Tinted Moisturizer

Retail approx $34.00 USD This delivered a beautiful, dewy finish that I really liked. It didn't come across as oily, which I was afraid it would at first. Great for an all-over glow, the only thing I wasn't too fond of, it felt a little more dense than I would've liked. Click here for more.

#7. The Balm - Mary-Lou Manizer

Retail approx $24.00 I still don't know a lot about this brand, but I'm learning. This "Manizer" is a.k.a "The Luminizer", and that's exactly what it is. So far, I'm impressed. Between the fun packaging and the product itself, gotta say not too shabby. This adds a very nice finish. I would recommend pairing it with the Betty - Lou Manizer ( a.k.a "The Bronzer" ) for the best highlight and illumination. By itself, I really like it. I actually walked around the other day with nothing but primer, and a kiss of this. Great natural glow. Click here for more.

#8. Almay - Smart Shade Bronzer

Retail approx $12.00 I'm actually a fan of the entire Smart Shade line. This bronzer has been updated with a new look, but still has the same great effects. Quality at a much lower price, this is the #1 for me when it comes to drugstore brand bronzer. Click here for more.

#9. L'Oréal - Sublime Bronze

Retail approx $12.00 This is probably the most border line self-tanner-but-not-quite. It feels a bit heavy to me, but the finish is worth it. I prefer to tone it down a bit by dabbing it into my moisturizer. Add a dot, or two, to your body lotion for sun-kissed decolletage, collar bone, and shoulders. Click here for more.

#10. Covergirl - Clean Glow Bronzer

Retail approx $9.00 USD One thing I really liked, other than the price point, was the true beach bronze. It does seem to get a little dry and heavy. I would recommend finishing with a hydrating face spray for the best result. Click here for more.
And that is my top ten picks for product glow. Note, there are many other primers and regular skin-care products that can also help with long-term, natural radiance. The products I have listed here are more for occasion, or as needed/wanted use. If you have any loves, hates, or anything at all to share, please do!!! No tags...sorry. I don't have a list. I should...I keep reminding myself to make one, and forgetting.
Currently, my favorite highlighter is Benefit's Watt's Up Cream Highlighter. I don't wear it daily but only when I go out on dates. A little dab on the cupid's bow, the nose bridge and cheek bone gives my face more dimension and radiance. I've haven't looked for an alternative because I love this product but I'm interested to try a few products you mentioned! - Smashbox baked fushion soft lights (because the color is just too pretty!) - Lancome luminous bronzer (because I'm still looking for a good bronzer) - Clinique liquid illuminator (this sounds really versatile and I can already think of different ways to use this).
omg I love ipsy so much its amazing with the things it give u!!!! @hikaymm
I've been wanting to buy the Mary-Lou Manizer for AGGEESSSS! But still haven't gotten around to it, lol. I currently just have highlighters and one bronzer (I forget the brand...) that I got in an IPSY bag that I haven't really used yet
I like using baked bronzers for like my face it works very well and has a longer lasting effect along with being smoother and less caked