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A fluff imagine because its Chanyeol Day in the EXO Community. Hope you enjoy! :D
Today was the day. The day you had scheduled your biannual spring cleaning. You had put in some shorts, a loose shirt, which happened to belong to your boyfriend’s, and tied your hair in a ponytail to keep it from falling to your face as you plunge into the dirty work of cleaning your apartment.
You sighed and shook your head as you swept your hand across the shelf in the hall, gathering a large amount of dust. Before starting, you turned on your player and put in your favorite playlist, which happened to be your EXO compilation. The familiar tune of your favorite song, Overdose, blasted through the speakers and you smiled as you swayed towards the mission at hand.
You started off by dusting every table and countertop. Grabbing a wet rug, you started wiping the tables and shelves. You hummed along to the music as you moved your arm back and forth. You moved towards the shelf in the living room, which happened to be the highest shelf. Lazy to even get a chair to stand on, you decided to just tip toe and stretch as far as you could to reach it. You were obviously struggling as you tried to wipe off the dust; beads of sweat forming on your forehead. Just when you’re legs were about to give in, warm hands grabbed your waist and you were lifted off the ground.
You sighed a relief as you were able to wipe all the dust off, without struggling anymore. When you reached the ground, you suddenly realized that what you did was impossible and that you couldn’t have possibly floated in mid-air.
Turning around, you were surprised (not really) to see a giant staring at you with a wide smile. “Heeyy Y/N.” he said.
You returned his smile as you placed your hands on your hips. “Chanyeol—”
Your boyfriend mimicked your actions and also placed his hand on his hips. “Y/N.” He called again.
You rolled your eyes again, “Okay, I’m done playing.”
“You’re no fun.” He pouted making you chuckle. You ignored him and continued on with the cleaning. You grabbed the broom and started sweeping the floors, but before you could even get halfway through, long arms snaked around your waist, stopping you. Chanyeol placed his head on your shoulder, nuzzling your neck, “Baby....don’t ignore me.”
”Baby...” you mocked as you moved away from his grip with a teasing smile. “I’m busy.”
Chanyeol pouted and then sighed as you continued to sweep the floors. “What can I do to make you notice me?”
"You can help me so I can get this done sooner and we can do whatever it is you want to do.” You said and at that Chanyeol ran into the kitchen grabbing all the cleaning materials he could get his hands on. “Why didn’t you just say so? Let’s get cleaning!"
The two of you worked liked a well-oiled machine; going through your apartment and cleaning every nook and cranny. By late afternoon, the place was looking spotless. You had just finished washing the dishes and was about to tell Chanyeol that you’ll be taking a shower now. You walked into the living room, stopping as you saw your boyfriend in a not so attractive position.
He was looking out the window, leaning on a mop with one of his hand on his face… a finger, unmistakably near his nose...
You couldn’t believe it.
You’re boyfriend was actually picking his nose in plain sight!
You weren’t the kind of person who tended to be grossed out easily, considering that you had your share of gross habits (like eating weird stuff that don’t normally go together like peanut butter and burgers) but the sight was so surprising you couldn’t help but cover your mouth to silence your gasp—or was it laughter?
Chanyeol, on the other hand, heard it and once he caught sight of you, his hands shot down from his face almost instantly. “Uhhh...what's up?” he said, looking bashful and trying to suppress it with a grin. “Didn’t see you come in.”
“What were you doing, Yeollie?” you gave him a curious gaze which only made him turn bright red.
“Are you sure?” You pressed and saw him shrink backwards to the wall, his eyes lurking as if looking for a way to escape or better yet...a good excuse.
“Yes.” He said and he returned the mop into the kitchen, walking briskly out of the room like he he just did a crime. You shook your head, laughing to yourself.
When he returned, you tried to keep from giggling as he purposely ignored you and busied himself with fixing the little figurines on your shelf. You, on the other hand, wasn’t done yet..and you weren’t talking about the cleaning.
”Oppa,” you cooed. “Are you done?”
Chanyeol looked at you and smirked at the term you had used to call him. “Did you just call me oppa?”
“Did you just do something you shouldn’t be doing?” You countered and his eyes widened. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He turned from you and you tried not to laugh at his childish behavior.
You let out an exaggerated sigh, “Okay, I’m done here. You go on ahead,” you told him as you made your way to your bedroom. “It looks to me that you have some more cleaning to do—”
“No I don’t—” he said, dusting of his hands.
“Oh I don’t mean the place.” You looked at him slyly as you went to touch your nose. That did it and Chanyeol’s ears turned red, “Awww come on!”
"What?!” You laughed as you watch his face turn red. “Why won’t just admit it, Yeol?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about—”
You rolled your eyes, “Okay, should I refresh your memory, then?”
Chanyeol glared at you as you went to the windowsill and tried to reenact what he did. But before you could put a hand towards your face, he exclaimed, “It’s not what you think!”
You snorted, “Oh please. What else could it be? You were so picking your nose!”
Chanyeol huffed as he stomped his foot, “Was not!”
“Was too!”
“Was not!!”
“Was too!!!”
“I was not picking my nose!” He argued.
“Then what were you doing?” You chuckled as you crossed your arms, looking at him challenging him.
"I—I was just scratching my nose.”
“Oh really?” He nodded.
“Well…so were you scratching the inside of your nose too?"
"Y/N!” He whined, sending you in a fit of giggles.
“Just admit it.”
“No.” He said defiantly with a cute pout on his face.
You shook your head, “My Yeollie looks so cute when he’s embarrassed.” You went towards him and pinched his cheeks. He moved away from you and acted annoyed.
You sighed and held up your hands in surrender, “Okay okay, I’ll stop. I’m sorry.”
Chanyeol crossed his arms and looked away from you. Since he was a lot taller than you, you had to tiptoe to reach his face. You kisses his cheek, “Oppa, I’m sorry for teasing you.”
He looked down at you and smirked, “Shorty.” before looking away again.
You pouted at him and let go, walking away sighing. But before you were even at a good distance, Chanyeol had wrapped his arms around your torso, hugging you from behind. He kissed your cheek, “Aiiissh Y/N. You’re too hard to stay mad at.”
You turned around to face him and wrapped your arms around his waist, “And I don’t understand what your so embarrassed about. It’s not like you did something horribly wrong.”
Chanyeol remained silent and you sighed cupping his cheeks, “Look Yeol, I don’t care what other gross or weird stuff you do. Because I completely accept who you are.”
“Yeah,” you said and then your mouth turned up at the corners. “Even if you have big ears and a weird smile."
"Wow, Y/N.” he said sarcastically. “Was that supposed to make me feel better?”
“Or even if you pick your nose in public.”
“I did not do it in public!”
“You were standing by my open window!” you exclaimed. “In plain sight!"
Chanyeol groaned, “I was not!”
You rolled your eyes, “Okay whatever you say. But the point is—”
"What’s the point?” Chanyeol pressed, rolling his eyes at you.
You grinned as you pulled his face to yours and give him a chaste kiss. When your lips left his, Chanyeol had a surprised look on his face. “I love you Yeol. All of you. I don’t care what gross or weird things you do because it all comes with you. And like I said, I love you.”
Chanyeol gave you a goofy grin, smiling brightly; which was enough to blind everyone in the room. You loved it, how beautiful his smile was. “I love you too, baby.” You smiled and gave him a hug.
"Even if you’re short.” You poked his rib, making him laugh. “And even if you eat weird stuff like peanut butter burger patties.”
“Hey! Don’t judge it till you’ve tried it!”
“I don’t think I want to try anything as gross as that.” He scrunched his nose and you gave him a look as you tore away from his embrace.
“Well someone’s picky...” You emphasized the last work as you touched your nose, giving him an insinuating gaze. Chanyeol glared at you, turning bright red again.
You laughed as you ran around the apartment! With Chanyeol on your heels trying to catch you. When he finally did, he tackled you to the ground and tickled you till the two of you were gasping for air on the floor.

Happy Yeollie Day!!!! <3

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