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It's not even been ten days into the month and you may be questioning who, what, where, when and most of all why. Life can spring certain things upon you sometimes that you never saw coming your way in one million years, but you have to embrace it like you would anything else. Be confident and strong in your walk and know that everyone stumbles at some point or another. It has less to do with how many times you stumble and more to do with how many times you got up from stumbling and kept it moving.
Despite what you're going through at this current moment in your life, know three things. It's a new day, the battle is not yours and it gets better. If you can remember those three things throughout your walk and journey, I assure you that you will benefit in a positive way from whatever has been thrown at you. Besides, if it's thrown your way -- catch it. In the meantime, while you're working on your catching skills, keep scrolling and check out four affirmations to bring you hope, peace and positivity.

What affirmation are you living by this week?

These are so absolutely perfect. I used to do a lot of positive affirmations in middle school/high school, but maybe I should get back into it!
you definitely should! writing them daily definitely helps me stay positive throughout the day. I'm glad you enjoyed them :) @danidee
perfect!!! always a great thing :) @petname93
all of the above!