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Just when we thought George has finally found "the one" in Stacey Keibler, they call it quits :( Surprise surprise though, Stacey broke it up! She wants to have a family with kids and all, but we all know that's not George's style
@YinofYang but maybe that's the thing about him wanting to be a bachelor forever, so he doesn't have to get stuck with one woman forever, lol
It really does seem like he's going to remain a bachelor forever. He just needs a steady mate.
@Saravy you know, I've always fantasized him with Aniston, that they'd end up together and all, lol
@blairwitme I totally agree with you. I figured this wouldn't last. I kinda feel bad for him because most women want the kids and ring. Hope he can be happy.^^
@shoenami it's a little difficult in my opinion, especially he seems to be into younger women, the women may say that they don't wanna have a family right now, but i think they eventually change their minds
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