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Guys I'm so happy right now. I legitimately crying this is what need to happen fandoms need to stand together not fight each other. I woke up to seeing two fandom me that I'm apart of love and protect each other. Super junior loves almost all their juniors which includes BTS so ELF love all their juniors and will stand with an of them. I'm a proud ELF but also an ARMY as I love both groups. I will stand to protect my Oppas and my babies I will not stand for this hatred any more. I'm so proud of ELF and ARMYs coming together like this 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶.
Here are some tweets this morning I started crying the more I read. ELF will always stand with ARMY. 馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋
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I am proud to be in both fandoms but the haters need to stop
@ibMIMI I see. It makes me sad that people are so petty that they'd do something like that. Bts deserves all the recognition that they've recieved
I'm crying
When did this start happening?