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While I'm a boyfriend jeans and button down type of woman, I decided I would throw on a dress for mother's day. This past weekend I stumbled across the most adorable Free People dress while I was out doing a bit of Saturday morning shopping, I couldn't pass it up. While it wasn't in my budget, I would've regretted leaving it on the rack -- so I treated myself to something nice. Because why not, right? I figured I would save it for a special day, but what better day than the day we all come together to celebrate our mother's. I was heading to brunch with the family and figured the dress would look perfect with my favorite pointed toe black chelsea boots.
I hadn't tried on the dress before purchasing, so I had no clue that it fit a bit oversized and while I liked the fit -- it added on an extra 15lbs. to my actual size making me appear larger. Regardless of the fit, I felt beautiful and at the end of the day -- that's what mattered most. The dress I wore for my 25th birthday also happened to be Free People and I've come to the conclusion that I absolutely love the brand and their dresses. While the dress could be dressed down with a leather or denim jacket, I kept it simple for the sake of the restaurant we would be dining at. I added my black floppy hat for a bit of chic appeal and threw on two rings to add some pizazz to my hands. I will definitely be purchasing more dresses from Free People in the future.

Would you dress this look up or down?

Have you ever purchased anything from Free People before?
@jordanhamilton you look great in it ^_^ love the color
thank you! definitely one of my new favorites @MyAffairWith
Soo cute!!! I love the dress!!
Beautiful dress on a gorgeous lady! I can totally resonate with not leaving the dress on the rack. There were many times I saw something I like but couldn't justify the purchase at the moment, so the next time I came back for it the item is sold out. This happened many times online and in-store.
Thank you!! @primodiva93
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