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I feel extremely in love with the dress that I wore yesterday, that I've come to the conclusion that I need at least one of other color for the summer. Per usual, I need my fashionista's help in narrowing down which color I decide to choose.
I think the dress is super versatile and I will definitely be sizing down this time. While I pretty much have a strong idea as to which color I will end up going with, I figured it's always nice to have a second -- or in this case, twentieth opinion. To check out my handful of options, keep scrolling below.
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Which color do you think that I should I invest in?

@jordanhamilton I completely understand but one thing is that this ones style is different. So you won't have two of the same dress. Unless if you already have it, that is. But it's still too beautiful. It screams BUY ME!!!
I love that one as well. the only thing about that one is the colors remind me of the one I already own @MyAffairWith
I love the last one 馃槏 so gorgeous!!!
The blue one! That one catches my eye the most as I scroll down the card! The color is just refreshing!
You're right!! Just wanted to see what others thought prior. @marshalledgar
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