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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader x Yoongi
Length: 1604 words
Warning: Intimacy, Swearing, Depression
Summary: He was my everything, but to him we were nothing.
Part: 15/?
Y/n’s POV
Hoseok had to pick our most complicated of course. And only about ten minutes in, I looked at that one place in the mirror I was avoiding- Jungkook. I hadn’t done it on purpose- but when my eyes met his, I faltered and missed a beat, so we were out of sync.
Hoseok stopped the music, and I turned around to glare at Jungkook, who was now pretending to scroll through his phone. “Sorry Hobi”, I muttered, as we took it from the top again.
Once I had trained myself to ignore Jungkook, I was completely in my element. I even executed our hardest move perfectly- the one where I do the splits, Hoseok backflips over me, and hoists me up.
I grinned at him once I was standing, and he swiftly high fived me before getting lost in the dance again.
When he called for a break, I sat on the other side of Hoseok, far away from Jungkook. I checked my phone. A text from Yoongi and a missed call from Taehyung. Yoongi’s message was just asking me if I was free, to which I replied ‘ sorry no’. Surely he knew Hobi was at dance, and that I would be with him?
I then proceeded to call back Taehyung. I glanced over at the two boys- they were murmuring amongst each other, so I forced myself to stand and move over to the bench on the other end of the studio so I wouldn't disturb their conversation.
Taehyung answered quickly...considering it was Taehyung. I sat down and stretched my legs out, feeling the burning sensation fade slightly. I downed like half my water bottle in one go, before gasping for breath and starting the conversation.
“Finally you’re up.”
“Aish, good morning to you to”, he grumbled, and I laughed. “Why’d you call?”
“Someone’s at the door and I can’t remember where you said the spare key was.” I had literally told him this morning- he must have still been half asleep.
“It’s in the top draw. If it’s a Jehovah’s Witness, just tell em you’re atheist.” He choked back a laugh. But I wasn’t kidding, because who else would visit me at this time? “OK, I’ll be home in like 40 minutes.”
We both said our goodbyes and hung up. At the back of my mind, I thought that it might be Yoongi, but he wouldn’t waste the time and effort unless he knew for sure that I was free.
The sound of Hobi giggling made me look up, only to find both men staring at me, an amused glint in their eyes. I shifted my attention to Hoseok, who's shoulders were still shaking from laughter. I frowned. “What?”
“We were just talking about the whole ‘y/n punched Suzy’ thing. Omo, still not over it.” His giggle was infectious, so I was smiling as I rolled my eyes. “It was a mistake Hoseok. I didn’t mean to...”
That set him off again. “How can you not ‘mean to’ punch someone in the face?!” I laughed. “Drop it Hobi. Break over?” He nodded and we both got up. I walked over and placed my phone and bottle back in my gym bag, Jungkook eyeing my every move.
“Let’s go!” Hoseok yelled over the bass. “5 6 7 8!”
The next half hour went quicker than the first. Maybe because I didn’t feel as self-concious with the extra pair of eyes. I felt pumped when we had finished and was actually glad I had offered to help Hoseok, even though Jungkook had watched the whole thing.
As Hoseok went to grab his things, I leant on the wall for support, my legs weak from the physical exercise. It normally took me a few minutes just to find the strength to properly walk again. I felt myself slide down, until I was sat on the laminated wooden flooring, my legs stretched out.
I motioned or Hoseok to pass me my bag, and although he complied, he was smirking at me. I scowled- I didn’t know how he still had the strength to walk around straight after.
“Want a lift?” Hoseok asked, whilst packing his things and wiping his forehead with the towel. “No, I’ll walk”, I replied. I got my phone out and frowned slightly. Taehyung hadn’t messaged or called. I was curious as to who had come. Then I shrugged. He had probably just gone back to sleep.
“Y/n...”, Hoseok started. I looked up to find him and Jungkook standing there, ready to go. “Thanks so much for today, I feel a lot better.” I smiled warmly at him. “What are friends for? Good luck for your exam. Let me know how it goes, yeah?”
He nodded and gave me a little salute. And he was off. Jungkook gave me a lingering look, which I ignored, and then he followed Hoseok. I shut my eyes tight and sighed.
Peace at last.
Taehyung’s POV
Taehyung woke up, groaning as he stretched his stiff muscles. He almost screamed in frustration when he found the bed empty yet again, but then remembered about Hobi’s dance practice.
Before he forgot, he send Hobi a quick ‘Good luck’ message, deleted Krystal’s messages and voicemails, and slowly got out of bed. He had decided that today was the day. Today he would finally tell y/n how he felt. He had waited long enough- he had waited while she dated Yoongi, while she dealt with the heartbreak and Jungkook.
Even when she was taken, the rest of the boys- especially Namjoon- referred to him and y/n as the ‘old married couple’ because they sure as hell acted like one. Bickering over the tiniest things. Laughing at their own private jokes. Yoongi had actually taken him to the side a few times to remind him that y/n was actually his- like Taehyung could forget that.
After freshening up, changing and eating, Taehyung lounged about, not knowing what to do with himself. That is, until the tentative knock on the door. He ignored it at first, thinking whoever it was would thing it was empty, then go away. But no. They stayed.
He sighed and called y/n, so he could get the key, open the door, and kindly tell this person to go away.
Once the call ended, he retrieved the key. He was getting a bit perplexed by the amount of time this person had stood here knocking. Maybe y/n was expecting a visitor she had forgotten about?
Once the door swung open, he froze. He was met with a red-eyed ,snivelling Krystal. She gave him a small smile as he stared at her, stunned. “Thought I might find you here...Can we talk?”
Jungkook’s POV
As the two boys left the dance studio, Jungkook slowed his pace, and Hoseok turned to look at him questioningly. “I’m not going home”, Jungkook explained. He made up some lie about meeting Taehyung here and going out to eat.
This was a standard thing him and Taehyung did, so Hoseok just shrugged and said “OK, bye. Have fun! Save me something!” Both men laughed because they both knew once Jungkook and Taehyung sat down to eat, nothing ever got left over.
“Good luck!” Jungkook called after him and Hoseok replied with a thumbs up before walking off. Jungkook sighed and stood next to the door he had just come out of, waiting.
Y/n’s POV
I reluctantly got up, hissing in pain from the sensation in my calves and thighs- today's session had really been hardcore. It’s like I was taking all my anger out in the dance moves.
I slowly walked out of the practice room, and felt instant relief at the somewhat cooler air hitting my legs. The corridor was empty, probably because it was still morning, so I opted to go to the vending machine to get more water.
Whilst opening my bag to find some loose change, a quiet voice made me halt my movements. “You dance so well.” I whirled around and saw Jungkook leaning on the wall, ever so casually. Why the hell had Hoseok just left him here? Honestly.
“Learnt from the best”, I muttered. This was true. Hoseok was by far the best dancer I had ever met. He pushed himself away from the wall and started to come closer, only stopping about a metre away.
“Y/n I-”
“-Why are you still here Jungkook?” I actually hadn’t meant to cut him off, but my mouth was moving before I could process my words. He sighed. “I wanted to see you.” I scanned his face carefully, but all I saw was sincerity. Suddenly, I couldn’t feel the cool air anymore. In fact, my whole body was burning up.
“There are 24 hours in the day- was now really necessary? Not to mention you’ve already seen me today.” I grimaced at out encounter from this morning. Was I being too harsh on him? I don’t know.
“It wasn’t enough...”, he whispered. I tore my eyes away from his and looked at his shoes instead. “Jungkook...I don’t understand... What do you want?” I saw his feet step forward, and I automatically stumbled backwards as quick as I could.
But I forgot how weak my legs were from practice. They buckled and gave in to the rest of my body weight, and I felt myself falling. But of course Jungkook had to catch me. Of course he had to hold me against him. And of course he had to whisper into my hair “What do I want?... I want you y/n.”
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I have a feeling y/n is going to walk into tae and krystal in her home
@mrsjeon you know y/n is gonna walk in to krystal domanting him! I just know it! The way y/n's luck has been i bet thats what happens and jungkook is with her! I just want y/n to kick the crap out of krystal! Or do one better walk in on them and kiss tae in from of krystal and kookie! Yas do that scene!!!!
Nooooooo!(((p(>o<)q))) Don't fall for it!! Dammit and Krystal better not fuck shyt up-wait, TAEHYUNG better not fuck shyt up(≧皿≦)
Jungkook or Taehyung??? This is worse then having to pick a bias 😢😭😭
I can't take it anymore, just be with jungkook, he's putting in so much effort, just be with him already.
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